Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Winding down or a Lull before the Action?

I think I may be one of the few New Englanders glad that the Red Sox lost this past weekend. Now I can plan on getting sleep during the next two weeks. We have one sport winding down with Cross Country championships this Saturday and three more football games. Then there is about 3 weeks before Bubs starts Nordic Practice. So am I winding down or is it just the lull before the holidays? This week is much better than last, at least I won't be cooking 40 lbs of taco meat for a football team on Friday.

If I was was smart like Tea, I would have started my Christmas shopping by now. She has it finished already!! There are ideas floating around including some teeny knitted sweaters to hang on the tree. But I would like to knit a bag for Shelly's Good Medicine Project, yet I don't know whether to crochet or knit, felt or not felt, and then I have to think about charms. With my involvement in another swap at Ravelry, I am already have a charm bought for my bag, Micheals had a great sale last week and I got come cool charms there. So many creative ideas just bouncing around my brain.

Yep, it's a lull and I better get my butt in gear for a busy holiday season. Time to get those knitting needles clicking!

And yes, Mini did end up on the refrigerator in her quest to walk around the kitchen without putting a furry foot on the floor.


  1. I just need to do it for my sanity - I find if I am having to venture into crowded stores in December I get downright depressed.

    I do have a few knitted projects to finish and I lost a bit of my knitting mojo recently. I haven't knit in 4 days - and for me that's a lot!

    I'm hoping to get knitting tonight, I am making a hanging knitted tea towel for my MIL to put in her Christmas basket.

    The mini sweaters for the tree sound neat!

    I'm supposed to be taking a knitting class to make a Christmas stocking beginning at the end of November, it will be my first work on a sock - so it will be quite exciting. I've always wanted to knit a Christmas stocking.

    Happy Knitting!

  2. Have fun knitting or crocheting! I haven't done any since I worked on and finished two full size quilts. Then I got sick, had jury duty for three days and helped plant 1500 trees and bushes at a park this weekend. My back hurts! I don't know when I will get back to sewing anything. Going to concentrate on making my Christmas cards soon as I get my house cleaned. sigh

    Good to hear from you again. Just wait 'til you retire -- you'll be even busier. I thought I would have time for this and that and the other thing. . . HAHA

  3. I have most of my holiday shopping done, too. It's a trait I picked up from my mom -- when I see the perfect gift, no matter what time of year it is, I pick it up. Ironically, her Christmas presents is one of the few I haven't decided upon yet.

    Mini looks quite pleased and proud of her new vantage point. Was she able to slap those photos off the frig with her tail?

  4. Mini looks like a queen up on top of the fridge (boy I'm missing my cats while I'm on the road).

    Tea always is on top of the Christmas gift makes me jealous!

    Now, you sound like you've got a lot of ideas...I wish I was as industrious. Can't wait to see what you do for the medicine bags! I appreciate your help!


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