Sunday, October 12, 2008

Straight from the Hahrt...A concert experience

Saturday mornings, you can find my husband and I on our respective laptops with our coffee, perusing our email. My husband loves to tell me about his winning millions of English pounds and his friends from Nigeria that just needs some more information before they can release money to him. Then there's the ticket master emails, "Hey, you want to go see AC/Dc? How about Def Leppard?" Lots of negative responses to those emails, except for last Saturday.

"Hey Sarah Mclachlan is coming to Boston, do you want to see her?" Ha!!!! I answered that one yes! I think hubby was bummed, until he realized that it was a radio Mixfest concert with 5 artists/bands and one of the other artists was Bryan Adams. None of the kids wanted to go with us, so we had a date in Boston late afternoon. The Bank of America Pavilion is on the waterfront and is a beautiful venue for a concert. Seriously, I would go there again in a heart beat and wished that I had ignored the no camera line on the ticket and brought mine with us.

We sat 8 rows back on the side and I have never sat closer at a concert! The line up:
3:00PM - 3:20PM ► Matt Nathanson --Missed this one, but left New Hampshire at 230p.

3:35PM - 4:00PM ► Finger Eleven--Heard a few songs while strolling in, very good. We bought a beer and hung outside in the sunshine

4:20PM - 4:50PM ► Jordin Sparks-- American Idol person, drank our beer and people watched. The Marines were handing out Lanyards to people who could hang from a bar or do pull ups, girls were killing the guys.

5:10PM - 6:00PM ► Sarah McLachlan--found our seats and enjoyed it immensely. What a lovely voice and just as good live as she sounds on CD.

6:20PM - 7:35PM ► Bryan Adams--OMG- Energy!!! Great!!, Never sat down. But it was kind of funny to hear Boston natives singing Straight from the Heart, those poor missing R's...

Since the pavilion is right next door to a lobster place, once low tide occurred, there was a smell of fish which Bryan Adams commented on. But it was all part of the ambiance and we had a great time. My only regret is that Sarah didn't come out to do a song with Bryan Adams.

Oh, oh, husband is on the computer again...Alice Cooper or Godsmack- Yea, that would be a big N-O.


  1. How was Jordin Sparks? I heard she had been battling serious throat problems. (OK, I admit it -- I'm hooked on "Idol.")

  2. Jordin was pretty good, had a great band and the crowd seemed to enjoy. I don't know enough about her, but I didn't notice any throat problems.

  3. Glad you two had some time to yourself. That's important to do. Neat that you really enjoyed it.

    Miss you blogging regularly.

  4. Sounds like a good concert - Finger Eleven would be pretty cool and Bryan Adams - nice night out.

  5. Sounds like a GREAT time I LOVE Sarah & Finger Eleven! Bryan Adams is pretty cool too!


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