Thursday, August 21, 2008

Oh Happy Day

I went into work today feeling great. For the past four days I have been going in late and have managed to go walking every morning. Bubs is going to school for two hours in the morning for Cross Country practice and I changed my schedule to go in late and leave later. Today was a great walk with the majority of it in the woods. The weather was gorgeous, sky was a deep blue, the air was cool and the sun was out. It was truly a treasure of a day!

Going into work, I decided that I would stay happy no matter what. The work gremlins tried to get me to change that attitude as I was accosted by two different people with two different problems while all I was trying to do was to get to the lounge to fill my water bottle. But I did keep that freaking smile on and listened. I have the strangest position in the lab, I get to address any problems that occur from the outreach services we provide to physicians, plus I guess I am involved in send out testing. There's a lot of problems and questions that can come up through the day and I never seem to get done what I had planned for the day. Overall though, I love my job and appreciate all the people that I work with, even the ones the can occasionally make me lose my smile.

Getting home and finding out that we are having company tomorrow night with a house that is slightly frumpled- still smiling....
Cat tearing up the tacky orange carpet that really needs to be removed- still smiling, isn't that what duct tape is for?

What made you happy today?


  1. You are a great inspiration!


  2. Your thoughtful and funny comment made me happy today. Thank you. Reading your post today, I can see where all that empathy comes from.

    I read somewhere that beauty pageant contestants apply vaseline to their gums. That way your lips won't stick to gums that may be dry from all that smiling!

    Thanks again.

  3. What made me happy today?

    1.) Kathy mailed me the photo chip I had all my photos on from our camping trip together. I accidently left the "purse" for it in her car and she graciously returned it. I only had a few on the 2nd one. Ü

    2. I bought some corn on the cob at the farmers market today and ate all three ears of it myself! I bet I don't have to say anymore for you to know it was delicious! Ü

    3. It isn't raining anymore -- Murphy's law -- now that our camping trip is over. sigh

    4. I am having time to blog again and read others too.

    5. Making a dent in the quilt top I am making.

    6. Happy to see you blogging more regularly.

  4. I'm a huge fan of the "fake it until you make it" philosophy. I'm smiling because...because...well...I got the closet painted? Guess that will have to do.

  5. C'mon by to see THE PRESTIGIOUS AWARD I have bestowed upon you. It's may way of repaying you for stealing that scotch-taped sign from the top of your post and emailing it to my friends.

  6. Just wanted to let you know I wrote the final post on my blog and have an addy for my new blog on it. Come by and see the trees of Rainier.

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