Sunday, August 31, 2008

Don't you just hate it when.....

Shelly had a post earlier this week that was about incidents that just make you want to say, Don't you just hate it when
And I had thought that I would get around to writing a post earlier this week, but don't you just hate it when time gets away from you? But since blogging just invites rants and raves about the daily roadblocks we encounter, I am getting this past week off my chest, right here and now....

Don't you just hate it when....

You go into a store without a list and walk out without that one item that you need that week? I went back to school shopping the day before school without my kids which was a treat. Based on the amount of "I want and I need" whining that I heard from other kids in the store, I made a wise decision. However, I walked out the store with two bags of notebooks, binders, and pencils/pens when I realized that I forgot the poster board for the football team dinner that I was helping to organize.

You finally sit down to write a blog post, or be in the middle of knitting, reading or watching a movie and the phone rings (twice!!)
Believe it or not, I really don't like talking on the phone. I feel that it's an interruption to what I am doing at the moment. It's that whole Catholic guilt thing where I don't want to get anyone upset. I wish that sometimes I would just let the answer machine do it's job.

Your cats have discovered a new toy and it's not a store bought toy?
One of our cats has found out that they can dig out our carpet from where it attaches to the wooden floor. Grant it, this is a carpet that we should have replaced 9 years ago when the dog died. Maybe the cat just doesn't like orange?

When the dealership tells you that there is nothing wrong with your car and it still can't hold a charge, so it sits dead in your driveway?
We have dodge durango that is on it's second battery this year and no one can seem to find out why the battery dies. This week was particularly a pain in the butt because my husband took my son's car to the airport and I ended up driving and picking my kids up all week. Anybody want a Black dodge durango? We can't even sell the beast.

So in the grand scheme of life, my problems really aren't that is still all good! Got one knitted sock finished another started, first cross country meet in a beautiful location and we have had a weekend without rain.


  1. Oh, MAN...I can so relate! Those are excellent ones. MY cats aim for every corner of carpet and pull at it. Makes me want to scream. Car troubles ACK, don't get me started.

    I'm glad it's still all good. I was worried for a bit that getting you to think about "don't you just hate it" had ruined your happy mood!

  2. That first one sounds like me. I went to the store to get Miracle Whip. I wanted some for my tomato cucumber salad. It si the only thing I use dressing for. I left the store, loaded down but did I remember the Miracle Whip? Nope. I even had a list and it was the only thing on it! I guess I should look at the lsit next time huh?

  3. I do that first one ALL THE TIME! And no matter what toy I bring home to my cats, they prefer flossing with the bag it came in.

  4. I always do #1 - quite often I get to the store and then have to ask my DH why we are there, sad really.

  5. I can relate to many of these!!

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