Saturday, August 16, 2008

Book Review- Spellman Files

Whenever I walk into the library, I am overwhelmed by all the books and then my mind becomes a blank slate. All the books that have been mentioned and reviewed along with wonderfully recommended authors are gone from my brain, just as I enter the foyer of the library. My poor librarians, I then harass them for recommendations and there is one librarian who can read me like a book. (Please forgive me for the really stupid pun) But she knows my taste oh so well and will even ask if I am in a chick lit mode or thinking mode. (This summer it's been a lot of chick lit)
Chick lit- My definition: Books that are mainly about females looking for love or purpose in their lives, hopefully with lots of funny situations. They aren't written to make you think, they are written for the reader to escape and enjoy.

Last week, my favorite asked me if I liked Evanovich, which I did to a point since after awhile, I thought there was a lot of repetition. She then recommended a new series by Lisa Lutz and the first book was called The Spellman Files. It's about a very dysfunctional family of Private investigators and the main characher is Izzy who is 30 years old and has always worked for her parents. Unfortunately, the whole family has a problem with getting off a job, they even investigate each other with Izzy being the most obsessive/compulsive investigator. I enjoyed the first and second book, The Spellman Curse very much. After reading both books, I thought that it would make a great television series.

Do you ever read something and think that it would make a great movie or tv show? I remember feeling that way about The Horse Whisperer, and then when the movie came on, I never watched it. But I remember thinking that the book was written to be a movie.


  1. I hate to admit it but I haven't read a new book in ages. I did re-read a trilogy recently that I first read when they were all best sellers but nothing fun. I used to be a bookworm.

    I am catching up on reading posts so will leave comments below on anything I haven't read before now too.

  2. I am all about knitting and book reviewing! I am so adding you to my bookmarks now. :)

  3. First of all, rent The Horse Whisperer! The ending is completely different. Legend has it Redford bought the rights to a treatment, before the book was completed, and didn't like the eventual ending so he changed it. And I like the movie ending better, because I'm a sentimental little slop.

    Carrie Fisher's books always sound like screen plays to me.

    Always good to see when you've posted!


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