Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Two More Books, Check out My Library

This past weekend we went up to Maine to spend some time with my Aunt. It's a 2.5 ride up there for us through the lake region of New Hampshire. Did I enjoy the sights? Heck no, I went to the library on Saturday for a refill. While there, I got into a debate about Eat, Pray, Love which I hated and the two librarians loved. I actually came up with an analogy for the book, bitchy, rich woman does the modified Siddhartha thing.

Anyway, got my chick lit books and a couple of heavier books. Of course I brought the two chick lit books along for the weekend since they both turned out to be light reading. The first was Lost and Found by Jacqueline Sheehan and it made me miss my Black Lab. The story was based on an island in the harbor of Portland Maine, and it wasn't really a romance, but more of a story of recovery after a loss. Definitely meets the Beach book criteria for a good light summer read. If you love dogs, you may just enjoy this book even more!

The second book was pure chick lit, Hot Flash Club Strikes again by Nancy Thayer, and it was an enjoyable read of four different women with family issues and how they team up to overcome the issues. Did it make me think? Of course not, but I enjoyed it.

A few weeks ago, someone recommended www. librarything.com to me, I think it was Janeywan. It's a pretty cool site and my plan is to keep track of all the books that I have read this year. I have the past two months listed and there is box on the right of my blog with random covers. If you click on the covers, they are linked to the books at Amazon. I am going to try to get the list of books that I have read from my friendly librarian. My memory is worthless when it comes to remembering books and authors, I work well with visuals. It's tough to get old.

Yesterday was the culmination of a dream for Share a Square for Shelly over This Eclectic Life. Afghans were given out to campers at Camp Sanguinity. It gives me goosebumps to think of all those squares made by so many made into cozy afghans for the kids!

Any good books out there that I need to put on my list???


  1. Congratulations on the Share a Square project!

    I have something for you over on my blog below ABC Wednesday which I have posted early. Please come and get it for your blog. You also might want to read about YOU in my post labeled 500 posts or something like that. lol

    I have got to get back to reading. Too busy with life I guess. sigh

  2. I wish I was sitting down to read! I just wanted to tell you how important you have been to this Share A Square, my friend. It's one of those things that I could never have done without you and Tea behind me in those first few days. I appreciate you!

  3. I haven't quite figured out how to invite someone to view my list of reads through the site. Have you?


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