Wednesday, July 09, 2008

#47, Thirteen Reasons Why I am Unmotivated

I struggled today to figure out what my Thirteen should be this week and here are thirteen reasons why I am unmotivated (or ornery) to be creative.

1. Perimenopausal, when you were 14 and the last to get your period, does it really seem like it was worth the anticipation? Now that you get it every 3 weeks?

2. It's hot and it's not that dry heat, but a muggy, pervasive, ozone laden muggy heat. My garden needs to be weeded and I am using the heat as an excuse to not get out there.

3. Rain, almost every afternoon, without fail, or just threatening.

4. Cars, we used to call the guys at the garage my buddies, but for pete's sake, do I have to see them every freaking month? This week it was the sway bar on the minivan...sounded like my wheel was going to fall off.

5. Procrastination, how long have I had Fireworks on my computer would equal how long it has taken me to not spend the time to figure anything out.

6. Our new hospital cafeteria, I am bummed that I can't be excited that it is finished. They obviously didn't consult a woman to work out the traffic pattern.

7. They kept the freaking water/ice machine that requires you to put your tray down and the area is a cluster with people trying to figure out what side they want to get their condiments from.

8. Radio music in the cafeteria, I can't wait to hear my in-laws' reaction to the loud music playing. It would be hard to imagine any senior citizen happy with the noise level, when it just plain aggravates me!

9. Vacation can't come soon enough and I am beginning to feel pulled in multiple directions at work. I need to get it all back together again, or I may just have to tattoo a sign to my forehead stating that I am only part time.

10. Canasta, yes, I have become addicted to another game on POGO. I love the brainless playing of canasta with a frozen pile.

11. Planning relaxing family time has become work with our middle guy now working. All those who want to go away and leave a seventeen year old boy home alone just raise your hand...yep, that's what I figured.

12. Crafts, I have squares to put together for same middle son and it's too hot....but then I feel guilty knitting or crocheting anything else.

13. My period, did I mention that it comes far too often? What the hell was I ever wishing for when I was 13?

Sorry if that was too much personal information but there you go, my thirteen for the week.
On a happier note, I was thrilled to get an Encourager Award from Paulie at Postcards from Paulie I had encouraged her to blog and she has loved it! She has some great flower pictures and pictures of her jaunts around town. Way to go Paulie!
And then Shelly at This Eclectic Life got to bring the finished afghans to children with cancer in Texas.
I am able to be happy, I just wasn't motivated! Have a great rest of the week and do some random acts of kindness!
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  1. I could have written the period stuff a year ago. But no more. I used to suffer with that, too. I had the Thermosure procedure done and that was that. The pain, mess, and all the rest were done after a 90-second (I kid you not) procedure. It was worth it. (The procedure burns the lining of the uterus so you don't bleed anymore. You can't have children anymore, so if that's OK it's well worth it.)

    God bless.

  2. Ugh, I hate the heat too. There is nothing that gets me motivated in the summer, unless it is fully air conditioned. :)

  3. Every 3 weeks? I'm not looking forward to that.

  4. Well, I blame the heat and humidity...oh wait. It isn't humid here. Can't really blame the rest. Now maybe I'll blame blogging.

  5. Great list, my 33rd TT is up at 13 Muslim Greeting Cards - I noted the paucity of Islamic Greeting Cards at my local stationery store and so as a public service to Muslims in America, I offer the following 13 Shariah-Compliant Greeting Cards...

  6. Yep, I'm on Library Thing. I don't remember if I'm West of Mars or myself; it's one or the other. I used to have a widget, but took it off my blog because it looked bad and only used Amazon covers.

    I don't use it as much as maybe I should... too much to maintain as it is!

  7. I think that #2 says enough right now. I use that excuse all the time!
    Happy TT!


  8. I feel like that alot for my TT's. Sometimes I just want to walk away, but cant. Where do you live that it rains every day?? That would get old...not to mention the humidity. I would have a bad hair day every day....Happy TT. You did a great job for someone that wasnt inspired:)

  9. Mind if I borrow you list? I have a few duties I'm really trying to get out of.

    Congrats on your award.

  10. i am sooooooooo unmotivated too. i'm glad i'm not the only 1!!


  11. Cool entry for TT! Mine's up too hope you can drop by... Happy TT!

  12. You know, if men got periods, there'd be a cure for perimenopause. It's a nightmare! (I have the zit on my chin to prove it.) I know what you mean about your cafeteria. The salon I go to for my massages is heavenly -- except when it's time to leave. The front desk area is MESS. People coming in, going out, trying to pay, moving from the shampoo to the cutting areas ... I hate that my zen starts to evaporate before I even leave the salon!

    Obviously, I thought this was a great list!

  13. I am with you on #1. I started mine at 17, and it was to "tragic" to a teenage girl. Pffft! What was I thinking?

  14. ((hug)) You're awesome. Even in your unmotivated, you do a lot.

    Maybe a little break is in order and you can start fresh? You are such a bright light that you must run out of oil a lot!

  15. I had to define "muggy" to my step granddaughter yesterday. I just wish the gang busters would slow down enough for me to stop and smell the rhododendrons.

  16. I wish I could be so wordy when *I* feel unmotivated! Good list!

  17. I needed a good laugh today and your list was that for me! It is good to see you posting more again. I am glad you like my award. I made it from a photo I took.

  18. Oh girl, don't worry about being motivated. See what a good post you made about not being motivated? I'm soo glad that I'm through with the menopause business. No, I don't know why you were so anxious to get your period when you were thirteen. I bet you figured it out quickly.


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