Monday, July 28, 2008

Staycation versus Vacation

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Last week we spent the week home instead of heading up to Nova Scotia. Thanks to the economy, gas prices, college tuition, and pre-buying our heating fuel and wood for the winter, we thought it was a good idea. Let's just say, if you want a perfect weather week for vacation, first ask me what week I am taking and then take any other week.

Everyday there was a chance of a thunder storm and we even had a tornado 10 miles away. This meant only one morning of golf, no beach and lots of books to read. ( I think I read about 7 books last week....) We did head into Boston on Friday but the Duck tours were all booked by noon. So we headed up to the top of the Prudential ( for a mere $11 each) to gaze upon the city. We then walked from the Prudential down Copley, Newbury St., through the Boston Commons where the 2 15year olds would not ride the Swan Boats, to Fanuel Hall and then down to the docks. We then headed back to the North End where we ate in a really neat hole in the wall sandwich shop next to the restaurant where I had wanted to eat at, but we were a little too early. Afterwards we treated ourselves to some delicious Cannoli while we headed over to Haymarket for some cheap fruit. I wish I had taken out my camera to catch all the vendors and people. It was a very relaxing day.

Did we go to Fenway that night? Heck no, the Yankees were in town and our chances of scoring some tickets were nil to none. Will blog later about some of the books that I read, but you will see some additions to my library in the side bar.

What do you think? More people having vacations like us? How do you feel about the price of oil for the fall?


  1. Staycations this year for sure, though Boston is cooler

  2. I find 'staycations' very relaxing. Sometimes it's nice to be a tourist in your own neck of the woods and you can be surprised what you find.

    We are taking a short camping trip but it's only 3 hours away and I am flying to see my sis at the end of August - but honestly it's getting ridiculous.

    How did I miss you lived near Boston - do you have the traditional accent?

  3. I had hoped to save money to travel to the beach for two days but now a friend has invited me to go camping instead so maybe just get to do that. I fell and hurt hand and knees yesterday so don't even know if I can do that in three weeks.

    I missed you and your new entries in your blog -- checked often.

  4. Your post makes me long to visit Boston again! It's been four years. I have my beautiful, blue sky postcard of the Kennedy Library looking at me from my bulletin board as I write this, and I'm getting misty.

    Since I don't drive, this is another one of the times that the conversation about gas prices leaves me out. Though I am glad I made my holiday reservations to Key West so early. I notice airfares are climbing.

  5. Staycations just make me feel guilty (I feel like I'm supposed to be working on the house). I might enjoy it if we lived somewhere near Boston. But, we wouldn't have traveled this summer if it wasn't to visit family.

    Price of oil for fall? You know it's going up again.

  6. Staycations all the way! We were planning to go up to Boston but seems like plans have changed for some personal reasons. Talk about gas prices, people at my work are starting to carpool... now that could be an ultimate torture!


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