Sunday, June 15, 2008

Share a Square afghan 2 is in the Mail

The second afghan is done and on it's way to Texas for the Share a Square project. The squares were a lot of fun to make and the putting the afghan together was interesting. There was variation in the squares, so I needed to determine whether I needed to double or single crochet around the square.

Kudos to Shelly for a job well done. I can't wait to hear about the kids getting the afghans. Just think about it, Shelly had an idea to make 140 afghans made of 48 squares from 48 different people. I worked with squares from all around the world. That's a whole lot of people involved in one project created by one ambitious blogger for 140 children with cancer.

Because there were so many afghans, I made my borders a different color. I figured it would help a child remember which was theirs. It is mind boggling to think that Shelly put so many afghans together, along with coordinating the squares while working and being a mom and wife. Plus, I want to the heck did you keep your cats off? My kittens' eyes would have the gleam of the devil once the yarn and squares came out. Mini loved the yarn and Stash loved snuggling into the squares while I was putting the blanket together. There was one square that he would look for all the time. ( I hope whoever gets the afghans I made aren't allergic to cats!!)

My part is done, but I can't wait to hear about the delivery! Shelly, keep us posted and I hope you have a vacation soon!


  1. Darlin' that's beautiful! I can't wait to get my hands on it. Cats? They have several balls of twine and I have to keep them occupied. It looks like a spider web around here. I WILL keep you posted...and I'm gonna take a vacation next month! Whew!
    Thanks for being such a huge part of this special project. I don't know what I would have done without you.

  2. Congratulations! They look beautiful! You -- and others-- did a great job!


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