Friday, June 06, 2008

Fun with Photos

Way to much fun to be had on the Internet. I have to give Dog's Eye View the credit for leading to a website that consumed a few hours of my time the other night. She had a flickr meme going and I was all set to do the Meme, but the pictures for my name were a little risque and then when I got into the Big Huge Labs fun with pictures, I gave up on the meme. (But do check out Dog's Eye view, it is kind of cool)

There was fun to be had with my pictures and here are a few of my creations, including the motivation poster above.
Here's some pop art displaying the posing antics of my two youngest sons:

And who would have thought that I could make my own Lolcat, this could get addicting. Check out I can haz cheeseburger for other cat pictures.


  1. How did your react to getting the Warhol Treatment? Do they think it's neat?

  2. The youngest loved it, the one with the hat, especially since I told him that I put it on my desktop.

  3. Looks like a good way to waste some time. lol


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