Monday, June 16, 2008

Pet Peeve: Video Instead of Text on News' Web Sites

There's at least two of us in cyberspace that would rather read a story, than watch a video when one links to a news story at my local news website or CNN. Really, I am a big girl, I can read big words and I would rather read a story quickly than to watch a video that includes a commercial. Seriously, how can a girl get her news at work without a loud video announcing to those eating lunch outside my office that I am not working?

How do you feel about videos versus print? Any suggestion in how to change the web for us readers? Or are they just pandering to the masses who need their MTV version of the news?


  1. Video streaming sights are a no no at work, so I love the text, hate all the technological mumbo jumbo

  2. I prefer to read, too -- but not when the texts include those annoying dictionary hovers (you know, the ones that pop up definitions or links when you mouse over them).

    I rarely watch videos. I'd rather read than sit idly and listen. Besides, I have to turn my XM off to hear a video and we all know how little I like doing that...

  3. I think the websites are trying to differentiate themselves from the main carriers of news -- papers, radio and TV -- by appealing to a younger demographic (under 35).

    Me? I hate it. If I have other programs open (and I should while I'm at work), it can take forever for the video to load. The whole point to breaking news is to get it FAST!

  4. For some reason, I can't play any of the U tube programs. I just skip them.

    I commented below too.


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