Friday, June 20, 2008

A Pact to have Babies? What are they thinking?

Or are they thinking at all?? Doesn't sound like it to me. Today at CNN, I watched a video about 17 teenage pregnancies at Gloucester (Ma.) High School which has also been written up in Time magazine. I went to the Boston Globe to follow up the story, because I just don't get it.

The facts, 17 girls were pregnant this past year at the high school, the school board and the health clinic in the high school are debating whether to permit contraceptives to be given out. The story in the paper discusses the controversy of providing birth control, HELLO people, these girls WANTED to get pregnant. Wouldn't that be the problem in all of this? Whether or not a school provides contraception is a little out of place here, the problem goes beyond preventing pregnancy but the why, that these girls think that this is a good thing to do.

In my opinion, there's going to be 17 very needy children being raised by 17 very irresponsible parents. What really gets me upset, is that in the CNN video, which I am assuming was taken in Gloucester, the babies are paraded around town in high end carriages. I shudder to think of the financial burdens these mothers are going to have. That free daycare that they are getting in high school is not going to be free once they graduate. Hope that baby is still cute and wanted in six years when they are having their meltdowns in the mall. Made me think of the video below.


  1. I love that video. I'm speechless about the whole teenage pregnancy issue. Well maybe not speechless just going to say nothing. I will say, it pisses me off too.

  2. I was shocked when I heard the news. Maybe those schools need some classes about wake up calls. So damn sad.

  3. I couldn't play the video clip on my home computer and was DYING to see what you included here. Perfect choice! The thing of it is, you have lived among teens. They revert to that sort of behavior themselves, so I can't imagine what these Gloucester households will be like with all those immature mommies and immature kiddies all wanting their needs met NOW! I wonder if all the glamorization of those lovely, lonely unborn souls and the adorable little embryos in test tubes that must be saved at all costs has played into this phenomenon at all. When we hear pregnancy and fetuses romanticized like that, no one adds the cost in money and time and compassion that goes into raising A CHILD. A human being that, as you mention, won't be cute for long. A human being who deserves much better than, I fear, he or she will receive in this situation.

  4. Oh, JMcB! I tagged you for a meme!


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