Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #41, 13 Winter Musings

In the middle of a wonderful winter season full of one storm after another, here are 13 winter musings.

1. Shoveling the roof- bet that's one activity that at least 42 of the states never have to worry about.

2. Boots- You know you live in a winter wonderland when you own more than one pair of boots.

3. Hats- At work we show off the hats that we have been knitting.

4. Bureaus- Doesn't everyone keep one in your closet for all the hats, gloves, mittens and scarves?

5. Snow days- It's that glorious time when you live for the moment and enjoy having no school. When I taught, I swear that teachers were more excited about the possibility of no school more than the kids. Even they would forget that those days need to be made up.

6. Slush puppy- No, not a food, but it's what you call a teenager who jumps in the snow after being in the hot tub.

7. We only call it cold when our nose hairs freeze when we go outside, not a minute before.

8. By the time our kids become teenagers, the arguing about dressing to stay warm has ended and a hooded sweatshirt is now the new winter coat.

9. When I was a kid, I never imagined that I would own snow pants as an adult! After 27 years, I think I have given up on downhill skiing and have gone back to cross country skiing, but of course it's now called Nordic.( my new skis are Fischer skis called Desire, I have no idea what desire has to do with skiing, but they sure are pretty!)

10. A stop sign becomes a challenge, b/c you can stop but can't see over the snow banks to see traffic and you must creep up to the road to check it out.

11. It's not just snow approaching anymore, the television news stations out do themselves in storm hyperbole: Storm of the Century, Stormwatch, Stormforce...

12. Because of the Blizzard of 78, we now rush to the grocery store for milk and bread, we're like Pavlov's dogs...just can't explain the need. Even if we have milk and bread, we still must go.

13. It's definitely winter when our idea of spectator sports involves standing outside in freezing temperatures to watch our kids compete.

Well my hat is done and I have some crocheting to do for Shelly's Share a Square project, I will be out and about reading blogs this week. Enjoy the snow!
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  1. Happy T13! You are right; I've never had to shovel my roof. I hope I don't ever have to, at least while I live in this house. That would be an awful lot of snow if so!

    My trip gave me a new appreciation and understanding of winter. And how easy I have it here!

  2. So true, so true. I'm living with the fair weather folk right now. Even at my home in Washington I've never considered shoveling my roof. I have scraped snow off my gazebo cover...

  3. We used to live in North Dakota and Montana so we know about snow.

  4. You know #1 was enough to make me have visions of Hawaii dont you?

  5. #10 cracked me UP!

  6. I love winter and snow -- especially when I'm staying at home and don't have to drive in it!! Chicago had 50+ degrees last week, and 19 today. Supposedly some snow is on its way. Your pictures make it look so appealing -- !!
    Happy TT!

  7. I don't envy you your weather! Mind you, I can't imagine any weather that would make me want to buy, or drink milk!

  8. Frozen nose hairs? I can't imagine. I've been using a snow shovel, too! To gather leaves. But, I hear that Jack Frost is on his way. You can keep the snow, my dear. Thanks for the mention of SAS!

  9. On New Year's Eve/New Year's Day, we got hit with a lot of snow. Amazingly, last week we had temps close to 60 degrees. For about a week, it looked like it was April outside. As was expected, we got the latest batch of the white stuff a few days ago.

  10. Oh, they do #11 even in the southern states. When we're due to have some rare flurries.
    "Will Atlanta survive the storm?"
    "The Big Freeze"...

  11. We finally got our first snow of the season last night...probably not even an inch. Then it rained all day and turned into a slushy mess that will probably be a slippery mess in the next few hours.

    And it was so pretty last night!

    I would never make it up north...I didn't know ANYone had to shovel their roofs!!!

  12. Older homes in snow-prone areas can collapse under the weight of all that white stuff, as I'm sure you know Jenny, but the warmer-area people may not realize. I recall that very thing happening one year when I lived in Toronto. Here in Nova Scotia they seemed to have kept that problem under consideration when designing roof slopes.

    I'm with you on the Stormwatch excitement on TV. Or the rush to the grocery store, pre-snowfall. Unless you only have three crackers and some ketchup in the house, do you need to mob the checkout lines with everything you'll ever need for the next three months?

    Really enjoyed the snippet of ski footage!

  13. LOL These are so true - especially #11 - though I've never had to shovel my roof. Hopefully I'll never have to because it's really steep sloped.

  14. You left out long underwear. I love mine -- the heavy waffley pair and the thin, silky pair. Re: #12, I always buy kibble and litter, too. My cats outnumber me. What if they organize for a snowy revolt?

  15. I almost missed your post -- thought it was last week's Thursday Thirteen and I had already commented there more than once. . . Ü

    I am glad I clicked back because I do love snow! I even like reading about it -- I can attest to that because I have read every book Diana Mott Davidson has published! She always talks about the snow in Colorado and in such poetic words.

    I am very jealous of you and the snow you have.

    We have had flurries 7 times now but none to take photos of. I did get to go to Mt Rainier and snow shoe a trail with Kathy/ WA and her hubby for my birthday tho!!!!!!!!!! I sure miss having some of my own to shovel, play in and take photos!

  16. In this part of canada, I totally get what you are saying...

    Have a great weekend@@@@

  17. Nothing like coming in days after the fact to say hello and how in the world did I miss your post?

    It was snowing here this morning, but it was nothing compared to what you experience. Heck, it didn't stick and it didn't last, it just teased.

    I wanted to let you know there is something waiting for you over at my site. Please stop by when you have a chance. I posted it today.


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