Thursday, January 10, 2008

#40 Thursday 13 Primary Musings

Our guests have come and gone and we won't be saying that we hardly knew them. New Hampshire's first of the nation primary is an interesting phenomenon......

1. Want to meet a candidate? Try to do it in the summer/fall, this past week it was epic madness and clusters.

2. NH is not as conservative as once thought due to the influx of people from Massachusetts and other states. It's a nice place to live and most don't leave after being transferred here.

3. As Mike Huckabee said in interviews on Tuesday night, we are downright friendly. C'mon up and talk, we'll listen and ask questions. We don't discriminate based on race, gender, religion or what part of the country you're from.

4. It's a small state and easy to get around to meet everyone.

5. Want to get phone calls? Tell the campaigns that you are undecided.

6. Getting sick of phone calls and polls? Lie and throw them off, I wonder if that's what happened this past weekend for the democrats, maybe we all got tired of the polls and made up answers.

7. It was an interesting contrast of spouses who appeared with the candidates and whether they went out to house parties to do the meet and greet. I will just leave it at that....

8. John McCain, is anyone else worried about his health? His speech on Tuesday was kind of a downer, just seemed exhausted beyond belief.

9. If you listen to the radio conservatives, it is sickening to hear them talk about Hillary. Can someone tell me why they hate her so much? At least I have a reason for the current administration. Really, what has she done that is so bad?

10. It's all about the money for being in our faces for commercials, ads and photo ops. It was one commercial after another, Hillary and Obama's were pretty good, but after the 10,000 viewing, they all sounded the same.

11. NH doesn't necessarily vote for money as shown by the Republican primary. McCain had to reduce his staff last summer and Rommney has been here for months with his flashy commercials. And Guiliani can say what he wants, but he was here trying, since there were so many commercials.

12. Weather plays a huge factor in getting out to vote in January, it was at least 30 degrees warmer on Tuesday compared to a week ago. As my son complained...."All the old people came out for Hillary"

13. When a small state breaks records for voter turnout, don't you think that's a clear message to all that we are ready for a change?
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  1. happy tt! nothing good ever happens here in florida! i have winter envy AND primary envy!

  2. Some very interesting thoughts that I haven't considered. Thanks for the insight.

  3. Let's hope every state breaks records for voter turn out for this presidential election!

    Thank you for this wonderful look at your experience in this year's NH primary.

    Happy TT!!

  4. Interesting list. We don't have exciting primaries here.

    About #9 - I (unfortunately) live in an extremely conservative state and I can tell you that a lot of people around here seem to dislike Hillary based solely on her husband and the scandal that took place when he was in office. It seems like they don't want her in the White House simply because that would mean he would be back there too.

  5. Anonymous2:30 PM

    Informative list. And you got me thinking about a few things...good job. I have actually flown into her state for business twice and then driven to Mass., and every time I get back I tell my husband we are moving. It is just so beautiful. Now I know some stuff to go with the beauty.

    Happy TT

  6. Lots of food for thought in here, Jenny. Thanks for a glimpse into what it was like to live through.

  7. I was thinking about you and wondering how that all went. It must be exciting. Here in Texas, there isn't much big to do, but we are spread out everywhere. I don't know why everyone hates Hillary, either. I don't think she is my candidate of choice, but I don't understand what she has done to deserve being heckled and such. Thanks for the low down!

  8. I'm afraid I don't understand the whole American Election thing - primary's ..have no clue.

    When an election is called here the three parties campaign and you vote for the candidate of the party of your choosing. It only lasts for about 4 weeks. Your process seems much more in depth.

  9. I thought the NH primary was very exciting. If for nothing else, it shows that all the pundidts' predictions are worthless.

  10. Conservatives are bound to despise Hillary because she doesn't even pretend to bake cookies and be the little woman. They'd so much rather have Yosemite Sam in the White House. I'm so thrilled that the race is between a woman, and the descendent of someone who would have been forced to work for all the Yosemites of the past. Go Hillary! Go Obama!

  11. I've been trying to leave you a comment on this fantastic post for DAYS, but blogger kept timing out. ANYWAY, I'm so jealous of you, I could spit. You were at the epicenter of EVERYTHING. You must have been very proud to be part of such a well informed electorate, one that is both involved and skeptical of pollsters.

  12. Didn't you hear, they can all make change? I wanna hire some of them at my local bank.

    Its turning into a shootout now, which is scary for a Blue like me


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