Sunday, January 20, 2008

Weekend Catchup

Yesterday we went up past Franconia Notch to volunteer at a State High school Nordic meet. The day was glorious, blue skies and temps in the high twenties. It was amazing to see how little snow there is up north compared to here. Seriously, they only had about 4 inches of snow on the ground compared to our over 2 feet in my back yard. It's still strange to drive through the notch and not see the Old Man of the Mountain, even weirder that as we were driving through, we were listening to Fix You by Cold Play, with the the sick sense of humor that my husband and I have, we both thought it ironic to hear," When you lose something you can't replace ".

While up there, we drove up to see the Mountain Grand View Resort and Spa, which yes, had a grand view of Mt. Washington. Too bad I was busy eating my lunch to not get out of the car to take a picture. Hey, after getting over 400 kids lined up at the starting gates for a race, a girl gets kind of hungry. Somebody tried to give me a bullhorn and I told him that I was okay without it. The boys were much easier to line up, the girls were too busy wishing each other good luck and I got to yell out numbers and tell kids where to go. Definitely worked up an appetite. But back to the hotel, just another place for me to dream about someday. As Martha Stewart would call it, a perfect wedding destination.

I started on the borders for the squares for the afghan that I am putting together for Shelly's Share a Square project. It's really a neat feeling to work with squares from people that I have communicated with through blogging, but have never met. (Tea- loved the colors and texture of the yarn you used) I am kind of nervous about the whole color scheme when I get it together, but will have my friend come over to help me. Patterns make me a little OCD. But I can only imagine what Shelly has going on over at her house with all these squares! This was an easy thing to do while watching the Pats win once again.

So now I am driving my kids crazy by finally finding a game on Playstation that I like to play. Have any of you tried Rock Band? I am not very good at the guitar and they allow me to play with them begrudgingly without being in any "real" band with them. There is no way that I could play the drums, that goes above and beyond what I could do multitasking. Based on my skills, I won't be giving up my day job anytime soon to go out on tour.


  1. God to see you back blogging! I have missed you.

  2. God to see you back blogging! I have missed you.

  3. Thanks for catching us up on your doings. I worry if you're too quiet too long.

    I think it's interesting that you had an easier time getting the boys to fall in line. You must have a special touch. It's been my experience that boys between 12 and 19 have no ears, and therefore can hear nothing I say.

  4. Glad to see you posting - but I've not been doing a lot myself so I can't say a lot about the lack of posts.

    Christmas still had me slowed down and now I'm preparing for year end at the office, so I don't have a lot of spare time.

    I don't play any games on the PlayStation, but my DS buys all these shootem up or strategy...I'd love to try a karaokee one like they used to have for PlayStation 2...that was a blast!


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