Sunday, January 06, 2008

NH Debate

Tonight's debate justified my decision for this upcoming primary. I just like the fact the John Edwards has not taken any lobbyist money and that he is for the middle class. His health plan makes more sense to me, even though it will be a battle for any of them.

After watching both debates, i would take any democrat over republican. The republicans were so busy pointing and interrupting each other. The democrats were calmer, I just hope that the democratic candidate has the stomach to face the republican mud slinging. John Edwards seems angry to stand up for the country.
Weather looks warms and turnout should be huge in New Hampshire on Tuesday.


  1. I really wanted Edwards last election. This time I haven't made up my mind but definitely am voting Democrat.

  2. Anonymous2:28 PM

    I'm looking forward to Tuesday's NH primary, to see what happens. I agree that Edwards has such wonderful ideas and plans, but I still see him as an exceptional Attorney General above anything else. We need him as AG.

  3. Like you, I'm very happy with my Democratic choices. I live in IL, so our primary is a done deal because we have a very popular native son running. But YOUR vote counts and will help choose the nominee, which must be so exciting!

    If I were following my heart, I'd be for Edwards. His populism is close to my heart. But there's something so exciting about electing the first woman or black, esp. after watching all those old white guys on the Republican debate.

    I hope Edwards does well enough Tuesday to stay in it. I think his voice is an important one. Also, I like seeing him on the campaign trail for two reasons that should be irrelevant -- 1) I love the blue tie with his blue eyes and 2) Elizabeth Edwards is so great.

    PS For what it's worth, I worked on both the Clinton/Gore and Kerry/Edwards campaigns and when it came to donations, the Kerry/Edwards office was SCRUPULOUSLY honest. I actually returned a check for $4000 because of a small clerical error. I almost wept, because it was hard work to raise that kinda money. But the rule was that both the husband and the wife had to both sign the check or send individual checks. It was such a tiny error, no one would have questioned it, and yet the check went back. So I can assure you Edwards lives what he says.

  4. I just wish for a democrat president!!! :)

  5. Looks like after the NH primaries that Edwards finished convincingly in third place. I heard them say on the news tht he's in the race to get on a ticket as the vice presidential candidate behing Hillary or Obama who are leading the Democrats.


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