Sunday, December 02, 2007

Another Busy Hands Week

Knitted Ear flap hat.JPG
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Finally got the knit hat done this week. Came out too big for one son, but perfect for another. I went out to get the correct size circular needle at Michaels today and was very proud of myself for only buying the needle. I even remembered to cut out the weekly coupon to get a discount.

In the meantime, I have also completed two scarves. Joann's had a sale this week and they had their Sensations Angel Hair yarn for sale. The yarn is so soft and one of the scarves that I am knitting reminds me of poodle fur.

We have a big storm approaching for tomorrow. Should be an interesting morning with my husband trying to fly out to Georgia in the very early am leaving me and the boys to deal with the snowblower. I have faith though, the kids are older and his business travel is easier. I definitely make the kids do more around the house when he is gone. It works two ways, one, I get help getting the daily stuff done and two, they appreciate their Dad that much more.

The beauty of part-time, I think I will take a snow day tomorrow and start knitting another hat. I can make up the time during the rest of the week.


  1. You know, I believe you are my hero. You knit, you golf, you mother (both human and furbearing kids), you work, you maintain a relationship with your husband … and I sit on my fat ass on the sofa. Gotta go, before you go from inspiring awe to triggering self loathing of epic proportions on my part.

  2. Beautiful hat! And TWO scarves--that's a lot of knitting!

  3. Good job! We had snow flurries yesterday -- was disappointed because they said 3-5 inches of snow on ground and it never materialized. If I lived closer, I would come and shovel your sidewalks and drive. I love doing that by hand.

  4. Yes, but I can' remember how to do my banner again, the geek stuff is hard to keep in my head.

  5. beautiful!!! I bought a similar hat with my coat this year.,.. :)


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