Saturday, December 01, 2007

Cute Enough to Share

I saw the first video of these cats the other day and when I asked my son if he had seen them, he showed me the translation. According to the cats' owner, these two are usually fighting. Maybe they were working on a treaty, kind of like, this room is considered mine, I will let you have the top of the TV, but I get the sun spot in the bedroom in the afternoon. "Sure, as long as I get first dibs on the next cat toy that enters the house."

The first video:

As I was watching it, my black kitten was intrigued by the cats on the screen and wanted to get closer.

Now here is what one person's translation based on the conversation above:


  1. You tube doesn't work for me so I can't see the kitty stories.

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  3. That is the sweetest thing ever!!!!!


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