Sunday, November 25, 2007

Knitting Away

Hat 1
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I was on a roll blogging but got caught up in a knitting project. This hat was a bear to start. The gray is the inside of a nordic ski hat and I had to start out with 8 stitches on double pointed needles. I had no idea of how the outside connected with the inside, but as you can see, I figured it out.

This is for my youngest who will be doing Nordic Skiing this winter, please pray to the snow Gods for a snow cover before January. I saw this pattern at the Elegant Ewe, a very nice yarn shop down town that has a beautiful selection of yarns. What I loved were all the completed items. Yesterday I was back there dragging my oldest in as I just had to look at the hat again to understand the pattern. It's the whole visual learning thing.....

Compared to years past, I am actually ahead of myself for gifts! Great college football games, a few craft projects, a fire in the wood stove and I am all set for busy hands. Now if I can just keep kittens from pouncing and chewing on yarn, than I can get even more done.


  1. I have a baby blanket sitting next to me to finish for my nieces baby boy due in April. I'm almost finished.

    Love the hat, one day I may try to learn something other than square pattern. lol

    We also have fire in the stove but sun is out and heating the place up so have a window open. Ya know the problem with wood stoves you can't just shut them off.

  2. I am always awestruck by anyone who can turn a peice of yarn into something useful!

  3. I'm with the Twisted one above! That looks like quite the project.

    It sounds like you're having a very cozy weekend. Good luck with the kittens.

  4. Oh, come now! You know you're not going to stop those two adorable kittens from "helping" you.

  5. Glad to see you posting again. I love the hat project! I have stopped making things for the Vets sale now for awhile. Made 5 and have an afghan and two cape shawls in process but they will have to wait until after Christmas. I have had my tree up and decorated for three months now -- I leave it up all year and it was the first thing organized after my move. My family are all getting movie passes and book certificates so that won't take long. I hope you will blog more often.

  6. We have the Naked Sheep Knit Shop in my neighborhood -- you'd love it.

  7. You are a great knitter! I love that hat and I'm sure your son will love wearing it.

    I keep picking up projects like crazy. I'm now knitting my mom a pair of pocketbook slippers in red to go with her knitted I am over half way done my son's ripple afghan and I'm knitting dishcloths for gifts.

    It's a good thing I enjoy this stuff or I'd be going crazy.


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