Saturday, October 06, 2007

It's Tea Time Madness and You need to help!

Okay, here's the deal, we need to get a posse of bloggers together and rescue TeaMouse from Saskatchewan. I figure we can meet in Chicago head up north for a day or two or three or four, grab her in the dead of night. (Shelly- you bring some texas steak for Oliver, we don't need no barking dogs...) Once we have Tea, let's go to Las Vegas for sensory overload to save her from months of knitting.

So I guess since that's not about to happen, then head over to Tea's blog, TeaTime Ramblings and let her know that you heard about her crazy contest from ME! I want (need, desire, covet) dishclothes. And in her newest contest, she will be making one a month for me (or another lucky winner) for an entire year.


  1. Stop by colorado on the way to vegas to get me pleaseeee!

  2. I absolutely love IT! You had me laughing hard down here in Saskatchewan - the whole family was laughing too....and I'm not sure what is up with Cura aka DH, but he went to the hardware store to buy some bars for the windows! Too bad, Vegas sounds fun!

  3. Can you detour through Toronto?

  4. OK, I have the steak. I have lottery maybe we have the funds. I'll let you know about that tomorrow. Or, maybe I won't! I want those dishcloths!


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