Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #35, 13 Things I did today

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So what do I do all day? Some would say nothing and some would say I looked busy...Here are thirteen things that I did today.

1. I did get out of bed today, there was no jumping involved, it was more of a rolling action with a short prayer that I would end up feet first.

2. Had to wash my hair today since it was so windy yesterday and I am not sure I like the regular Paul Mitchell shampoo, the cleansing one worked better. (note to self- look for sales)

3. Got dressed and put on a beige jacket and decided to go melon green, the beige jacket was bought when I was 20 pounds heavier...note to self, need new suit type jacket.

4. Running a little late, grabbed banana heading out the door as I calculated where I could buy my coffee.

5. 8:30 am Drove 23 miles west to a clinic where there was a staff meeting and I did my chlamydia spiel. I just love showing up at meetings where the staff is eating to say that I have chlamydia....note to self, got to stop talking like that or people will begin to believe that of me.

6. 8:45 am Yea, coffee finally at Dunkin Donuts where I treated myself to a pumpkin muffin and bought one of the lab departments I work with a dozen pumpkin donuts. Big brownie points for me.

7. 9:15 am Another 23 miles back to the east, another chlamydia road show at another office. Was hoping to dump off three offices at one least I get paid for mileage, can enjoy the scenery of fall colors and sing along with my ipod.

8. 9:45 am Yep, had to drive 15 miles up north to a neat little doctor's office next to a coffee shop. Was regretting my choice of muffin at Dunkins considering I could have had a tastier one here.

9. Got back to the hospital at 10:45 am, only 45 minutes late for a meeting and spent five minutes looking for a parking spot....note to self, time to take off the kayak racks since they limit my parking options.

10. 11 am- Infectious disease meeting, learned more about herpes than I thought possible. Learned that people get tested for STDs because of lipstick on the collar, the whole he said, she said, he did, she did with someone else...bottom line, stay protected folks, it's a nasty world out there.

11. 1230pm - After a discussion about MRSA cultures in the hallway, I finally got to my office where I organized the old chlamydia swabs that I had picked up in the morning and then time for lunch. Gotta love working in a place with a cafeteria, did you notice that part where I ran out of the house this morning....note to self- got to get up earlier, maybe work on that jumping out bit. Have to think about that.

12. 1pm - Another meeting, got a chart approved and we tried to figure out how to improve some processes...never ending.

13. 2 - 4:30 - Caught up with my voice mail, email and updated the lab intranet page. Oh that's right, I only work part time and stayed 2 hours longer to catch up. Note to self- Leave early one day next week, LOL like that might happen.

That's just my work day, at home there was dinner, laundry, playing with kittens and helping my son study for a humanities test, now I get to enjoy the Red Sox game. Go Sox!
I would have washed some dishes, but it's just sad to wash with my pathetic washclothes, please tell Tea that I need to win her crazy contest.
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  1. I love TT like this. Thanks for doing had an interesting day!!!!

    See ya soon!!!!

  2. This was a good list. But I'm still giggling at "Some would say nothing and some would say I looked busy". I SO can relate to THAT!

  3. MAN, you had a busy day!!!

  4. Too bad you werent around to give my son your talk about certain STD's before he went to Spain. I thought I taught that boy knows now. It aint all talk...sometimes, you REALLY need to listen and be smart. Great list...Happy TT.

  5. Your life looks more interesting than mine Lol! :)

  6. How cute those kitties look! And OMG, over 3,000 miles apart and we both mentioned bananas in our list of what our days were like. Now, I understand the theme to the 'Twilight Zone'... I think I'll hum Golden Earring's version.

    Pumpkin muffins? Sounds very tasty and of course no calories when consumed while working.

    Happy TT!

  7. Somehow i knew you would sneak in a plug for those dish cloths --BTW, I was wondering what "washclothes" were. hehehehehe

    I was lazy today -- finished my three hats and neck scarves, including labels sewed on them and played pinochle with friends. We have now made our goal of 100 neck scarves and hats for an orphanage. Now we begin knitting and crocheting for the vets for Christmas. . .

    BTW, the two photos on my blog you think are fakes are the real thing. I don't waste my time taking fake photos.

  8. I always leave "notes to self" in the middle of my posts LOL.

  9. Shoulda bought a second muffin anyway; you only live once. And it doesn't sound like you had lunch, or did I miss it in there?

    Happy TT, babe. Hope today doesn't run behind and yes, time to take the kayak racks down!

  10. Kind of feeling good about being married and monogamous! Yikes...I wouldn't want to be "out there" these days.

    Also, come back and visit my blog...when you visited before I had forgotten to turn on my Mr. you can come back and link if you would like.

  11. Love how you modified getting out of bed to 'more of a rolling action with a short prayer that I would end up feet first.' Then later you wondered whether you should have in fact jumped out of bed! LOL!

  12. This was a great list. I loved following your train of thought as much as following your day. And isn't it always just that way; you pick a place for a treat only to end up someplace so much better?

    Next time only eat half the muffin just in case. lol :)

    Happy TT


  13. I'm not telling what I did so far today. It's not nearly that productive!

  14. Re: #6. I don't drink coffee, so I don't have a dog in this race, but I seem to have noticed that java junkies closer to the Atlantic prefer Dunkin' Donuts to Starbuck's. True? Or is that my imagination?

    Glad all is happy this morning in The Red Sox Nation. That Rockies winning streak was starting to scare me. It was almost as though someone had made a Rosemary's Baby pact with the devil. I was expecting to hear of hooved infants sighted in the Boulder area.

  15. Throw caution to the wind next time and have another muffin!! You deserve it after a day like this!! are one busy lady!

  16. Sounds like you had a very busy day to me. And pumpkin muffins - yummy!

  17. That is a lot of things to cross off your list that has to be gratifying!!!

  18. You are a busy bee!!! Be sure to stop by my list for a sneak peek at next weeks madness! :-) P.S. There is a blog called "Thanks for Noticing Me" in my sidebar, and if you are a Red Sox fan, you should check him out. We went to college together!

  19. You definitely need to plan a trip here then - apparently we have the highest rate of chlamydia per capita.

    While you're here you could break in to .....Cr and steal yourself some are sounding desperate enough to try it.

    I didn't have time for a TT - too busy scratching my noggin - I think I'm allergic to hair dye egads!

  20. I danced to What's the Frequency Kenneth.

  21. wait, my eyes glazed over at The Clap.


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