Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #34, Things I Like

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So many ways to go with today's thirteen and I think I am going to start off with Things I like to have some day....

1. Dishcloths- Here are three examples of why you should feel immense pity for me and go over to Teatime Ramblings and say that Jennymcb sent you. I was thinking that we could get a group of us to save her from her crazy contest, but I am thinking that Saskatchewan is a tad cold for me in late fall. Maybe another time? Road trip for bloggers.

2. Example #1

3. I know they're sad

4. Even this one has lost it's luster, please, please, head on over to Tea's and let her know how bad these dishcloths really are here in NH. I know I don't have the number of readers that Shelly has, but just look at the sad state of affairs here and let Tea know that I am one desperate housewife.

5. I like to have productive days at work where I can complete a project or two.

6. I like the people I work with which makes it fun to go to work. We were trying to come up for an idea for a boss's gift and my co-workers weren't going for the autographed picture of myself.

7. I even like working the evening shift one day a week, it keeps me in the thick of things in the lab and I get to play with blood. Except for last night where I got urines, stools, throat swabs and knee fluids ready for microbiology.

8. I like to come home and have kittens greeting me at the door. So far they are cuddlers.

9. I like that the older two cats are accepting the new additions. Notice the cat in the background who is aloof. My Dad came up with the name of Miss Congeniality since she doesn't like to be patted.

10. I like the cool days of Fall when the sun shines during outside fall sporting events.

11. I like to make vegetable soup now that it's colder outside.

12. I like the fact that my parents came up to visit last weekend and got to see one son run in a cross country meet and another son score a touchdown in a football game.

13. I like that my oldest son and girlfriend were nice enough to go visit my parents last week when they had Friday off and then come by here that evening. I like having my family all together.

What are your likes for a Thursday?

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  1. Great idea for a TT - I think I'll do it too! You may not have the droves of pp referring you, but your post kicked major butt!

  2. Your pulling out all the stops. lol

  3. Nice post. Sorry about the dishrags!
    Thanks for visiting my TT about Traffic Travesties.

  4. Other than the dishrags -- those aren't towels -- you've got a lovely list, Jenny. Lots to be happy about.

    me, I'm happy I'm finally feeling better. Sort of.

    Happy TT!

  5. A great list--I especially identify with family things!

  6. Creative list. Happy TT!

  7. Anonymous10:12 PM

    Awww, those are all great things to be happy about! I am so glad your older kitties are accepting the kittens. :)

  8. Anonymous10:31 PM

    And your video is just purr-ecious! It reminds me of when we introduced our little black kitty girl to our big resident orange boy. The first day Dora, the little kitten at the time, was out of her sanctuary room, C.J., big orange boy, did a bluff on her: came up to her and did a big bad butt kitty boy hiss. And she puffed up to about fourteen times her tiny sized and HISSED! From that day forward, he decided he loved her and the two of them have been close as can be ever since. :)

    And we have two more cats now. Happily, everybody gets along except for an occasional hiss or spew!

  9. When did you come to my house and take pictures of my dish clothes? Truly, I have exactly those dish clothes and some of them even have similar stains. I'd say you're in desperate need of new ones... but then I've seen JaneyWan's too.

    TMI on the night shift, but it's nice to know that when you get home you're greeted by cute, little cuddlers.

    Thanks for sharing the video, it was fun. Oh, and thanks for the link and for using one of my banners this week. It looks nice with all the blue!

    Happy TT!!

  10. LOL...yep, you need some dish clothes alright. Great post...good luck. Happy TT.

  11. Oh my, I guess you do need some new dishcloths. Those poor things have seen better days! :)

  12. Thanks for stopping by. I am a very eclectic reader. I'll read pretty much everything.

  13. great idea. I need to make veggie soup!!! I like hot chocolate on a cold day...

    I like that my friends know my heart..

    My TT is up!!!

  14. Hahaha... your dish cloths look like mine!

    Glad the new kitties are fitting in well with the rest of the family.

    Happy TT! :-)

  15. Are you sure you didn't raid my pantry and photo some of my dishrag treasures???? Gosh that first one was great gramma's, the second was a gift to my aunt's next door neighbor who once made a pot roast and covered the casserole in it and gave it back to her...and the other...hmmm. Looks like something one of my kitties brought in!!!Great TT!!

  16. and i like when I visit you site and you have a new post!

  17. Mmmm ... homemade vegetable soup sounds wonderful. But it has to be made in someone else's home because I don't do the whole cooking/clean up thing. Think maybe you could work out a trade with Tea? Dishclothes for soup?

    And I'm still loving those kittens!

  18. You need those dishcloths...

    Great TT! Have a good day.

  19. good for you re: the cuddling kittens! I hope you get those dish rags.

  20. You tale a sad tale of woe when it comes to dishcloths. But those sure looked like towels to me.


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