Monday, October 08, 2007

Manic Monday: Track- Where are the kittens now?

Manic Monday Word-Track: to observe or follow the course of progress of; keep track of.

The kittens have been freed from the bathroom and are roaming the main floor of the house. Even now as I write, they have found the places in this couch to go up in the frame. A previous cat was kind enough to take off the annoying fabric backing that separated the springs from the real world to allow future cat generations the joy of traversing the innards of a couch. But now that they are out, we are trying to track where they are to keep them safe. The first day it was easy when they were in the bathroom content to lie on our laps.

Yesterday, sleeping on a teenager who was reading made it easy to track them.
Today, well, that's another story.....
Our two older cats are making brief scouting missions from their headquarters under my bed to check out the enemy. The brave, fearless Punky has even tried to do the male puff look, however Staschio in all of his 1.8 pounds puffed even larger and there was a hasty retreat by the Punkster. This morning, neurotic Muffin took her chance and posted a lookout under a bar stool in the kitchen. However, Blackie (or Minnie, still in name limbo somewhat) did her little puff act but Muffin stood her ground and watched the kittens for 20 minutes. Any time now, it's Punk's turn to scout out the kittens and we are just trying to keep track of where they are at any given time. It's been fun and so what if I am turning into a cat lady!

Speaking of tracking....anyone interested in tracking down a luxury RV to hold Jenny's 11? It's my latest caper of planning the big TeaTime escape from months of knitting her fingers to the bone for her latest TeaTime Rambling's crazy contest of a knitted dishcloth for a month. We may need some former track stars to jog around her neighborhood for a scouting mission. Please go over and tell her that I sent you.

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I will link back to comments made below.
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Tea is just plain taunting me about my rescue caper, but I might be able to persuade her daughter to work some kitten magic. Just think of all the love you would get for letting a teenage daughter get a kitten. (It's working for me here with the boys)
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  1. Now we both can't win this contest, or can we? If I win I'll share and if you win you share???

    I think she's thinking of giving me a pity cloth. :)

  2. I think if we brought a new kitten into this house Ginger would go postal on it! She's already had enough with Oliver.

    Those kittens are sooooo adorable - it almost makes me want one, but I'm too busy knitting to take on a new!

    Good luck with the rescue!

  3. Hubby's bad alergic... or I'd take one in an instant.

    They are so cute.

  4. oh those kittens are so cute!! Wonderful post for TRACK!!

  5. (1) I returned to Tea's site and tried to earn more points and good will on your behalf.

    (2) I'm loving Stachio. Is it OK to have a favorite or would you prefer I love the babies equally?

  6. They are so adorable I really really want one, but we are already a four cat family. Our two oldest have been in a forever home for 12 years and the youngsters got rescued two years ago.

  7. Love reading about those adorable kittens!

    Glad I don't want any dishcloths, no matter how neat they are.

  8. What a lot of fun with kitten in the house and then observe how the older cats go along with it, lol ! I too have a little kitten since 4 months now she was 6 weeks old when she came to us. BTW I don't know if you ever saw my "My Cats & Funny Stories" blog. I lead a group there called "Cats on Tuesday".It's mostly for people who don't have a special cat blog but who want to write once a week about their cats. It is always very funny and the group is very nice. If you like the idea have a look at

  9. The kitten are soo cute!!!!

  10. You aren't quite "The Cat Lady" yet, because I have five. But, if you want the title, I'll send you Walter Mitty. Those kittens are pure d adorable!

  11. Nice post! the kittens are adorable! We just got 2 kittens this week too! check em out!

  12. adorable kitties! cats seem to be a common theme this week in blogland!

  13. Yes I played the pity card and it's not working darn it!


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