Sunday, October 14, 2007

J's Lack of Blogging

I wish I could say that the reason why I was behind in blogging this week was due to these two holding my computer hostage. They are a pain with laptops and are intrigued by the cards moving when I play spades. But I can't blame them, there just wasn't time to write this week.

"Thursday 13 was in the back my mind for Wednesday evening, however, my telephone was not working. We bundled our phone with the internet and television this past August, which money-wise is a good deal. Yet we have never had a problem with phone service and it's irritating to have to reset the modem when the telephones don't work. I was able to "chat" online with a rep who offered some suggestions and that took an hour of the evening. The phone was back on until Friday morning when the same thing happened again, I was not so happy. Hooked up a 20 year old phone to the modem and was practically in tears b/c I was so frustrated with rest of the phones not working in the house. Supposedly, there is a repair person coming out today, Sunday, between 1 and 4 pm, and of course the phones are working now. My advice to any of you contemplating the bundle, think about your current phone service and is it worth having everything go through one company?

Friday, my parents came up and what a busy day that turned out to be. We visited my Aunt at the Alzheimer's home and she was great! Knew my parents, my father's name and they had a nice visit. What a difference from a month ago when her meds caused some serious issues. Then, I picked up my father in law and we all drove about an hour north for a Cross country meet, where we got to see my youngest run varsity in windy, raw conditions. Saw two races and headed home to a Chicken Pot pie that my Mom had made to bring up. (Who am I to turn down a pre-made dinner?) By the time we got home, the rest of the family including my son from college with his girlfriend and room mate, middle son and husband had made a biscuit topping and ate dinner already. It was nice to have a houseful of family. Oh, and did I mention the chocolate cake that my Mom had also brought up?

My son's girlfriend chastised me for my lack of blogging for the week, especially the TT13. Maybe I can use her for inspiration another week. It's nice to know that I have an audience, guess that means I have to be very careful. Anyway, they had come over from school to pick up the roommate's friend at the airport and it turned out that the flight got canceled until midnight. So they all left to drop him off in Manchester. They could have stayed but my parents were staying over.

On Saturday we went to middle son's football game and finally, they had him playing most of the varsity game. Perhaps it was the 5o yard touchdown that he made on Monday playing JV against the school that killed them the previous Saturday for varsity. To look at him, you wouldn't think that he could run, but we know he has it in him. Yesterday was a great day for my parents to come to his game, he ended up causing a fumble and got the ball, plus he scored a 4 yard touchdown on a broken play. Grant it, the team they played has a losing record, but it was fun to see him play.

We are now close to cat peace and acceptance here in the house. The kittens are free to roam and have chosen the main floor as their territory, the cats have the rest of the house. It's been fun watching them play, the biggest cat doesn't know his strength and bats a little too hard, yet the kittens aren't afraid.

Punk and Stachio

Stachio and Muffin

Minnie watching Football

Okay, the real truth behind my not writing is the fact that I have been working out my plans to win a dishcloth month from Tea. It's been a hard sell getting the boys from Ocean 11 to go up to Saskatchewan with me in the fall, therefore it's going to have to be just us crazy bloggers. Just think, me and a dishcloth a month, I can throw out the ratty ones. Maybe that can be the next show me theme, Janeywan already showed us hers.... But even if you don't want to enter, please do go over to Tea Time Ramblings and tell her that JennyMcb sent you!

Now it's time for me to hang out by the fire, watch some Patriot football, crochet some edges on squares that my Mom brought for Shelly's Share a Square and enjoy a Sunday afternoon.


  1. I miss those days of sporting events with my parents and son playing.

    You have been busy.

    Shelly is running away with the dishcloths. Darn

  2. Happy to hear from you, I was worried on thursday. Glad you and the kitty are well.

    Hang in there!

  3. I missed you -- checked every day.

  4. Glad to see you're back - I was checking in like a mad woman waiting for an update...I know how life can get and some days it's a wonder I have time to blog at all.

    I so love the picture of the kitten at the t.v. they are just so adorable!

    Too bad about the boys, I was looking forward to them for sure.

    As for the 'show me' I love that for an idea....the person with the worst dishcloths should/could earn extra points...hey it's my game I make the's have some fun!

  5. Those kittens are too cute. And because they have kitten claws and kitten adrenaline, I suggest you recruit them for your dishtowel demonstration. Let them "decorate" a few of your sadder specimens before you show them Tea Time.


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