Wednesday, June 13, 2007

#18 Thursday Thirteen, What Does Paris Need?

Honestly, I have tried to avoid writing about a particular celebrity, I may have commented on other blogs regarding this subject, but I got sucked into the Paris headlines. What more could be written about Paris? Not much according to my google search of what Paris needs since I only got through one page (48,100,000 entries) and just to keep it culturally entertaining, the other Paris is included.
Here is my Thursday Thirteen list of what Paris needs according to Google:

1. Paris Needs Metro: No, Ms. Paris will probably get picked up in a limo when she gets out of the slammer, but in 1895, the big talk was of the Universal Exhibition in Paris scheduled for 1900 where people actually worried about mass transportation vs. a lass's incarceration.

2. Paris needs help, duh.

3. Paris needs less red tape and a lot more jobs...well that sounds kinky and she could use a real job. But no, this one is about the city.

4. Paris needs a dentist? Yep, I checked this link out and it's true. ( from 2003)

5. Paris needs to be back in jail, this was in the fifth spot? What was google thinking?

6. Paris needs time off for bad behavior, goes against our current judicial process but if our jails are indeed over crowded, I guess this is just another good reason. But if you read the article, the author is really making the statement that if there were camcorders around for all the stars ( think John Wayne and Richard Burton), the drunken antics of today's stars may be mild. ( Bottom line though- she broke the law by driving drunk, not just being drunk!)

7. Paris needs Psychiatrist in jail- I don't think she's the only one who needs one, there may be a few others that need a psychiatrist.

8. Paris needs to be treated like everyone else in LA county, besides the little trip home, it's been pretty close, well, except for maybe the make up and the helicopters.

9. Paris needs better reading material at LA county- Can I recommend all the books that she might have missed reading in high school? Like Grapes of Wrath, Ethan Frome, Macbeth, Lord of the Flies, Angela's Ashes, Farewell to Arms and any other happy book that we all read in high school. She just might learn how real people live day to day.

10. Two days in the joint and Paris needs counseling, okay, I get it! Jail is not fun and people in prison are not happy to be there and the point of all of this is???

11. Paris needs to go straight to jail, seeing a pattern here.....

12. Paris needs to do her full sentence, not sure this is going to happen with the overcrowding and her money.

Paris needs to tell her parents to be quiet and needs to get a new attorney. Maybe what Paris needed, was someone to be her parents and to have her be responsible for her actions. What if they had stopped the enabling 10 years ago and had her live a productive life instead of blaming lawyers and agents today?

That's it, no more Paris from me and I didn't make up any of these needs, all on google! Except for this...Can someone please explain to me, why she is a celebrity?

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  1. I have no comments on your topic.

  2. How about Paris needs to go join a silent convent and take Nicole Richie, Britney Spears, and Lindsay Lohan with her so the news media can pay attention to the real problems of the world...

    Wishful thinking, I know!

  3. Haha! Both of ours are on Paris- and mine on my AF Wife blog is "Toni needs" - Scary that we are think alike!

  4. Ah, Paris! Isn't it amazing that we're all talking about this high school drop out? (I just did an entry about her over the weekend; it's irresistable!)

  5. I'm probably the minority who really feels quite bad for Paris. She misses out on so much of what passes for normal life among so many of us... her fairy tale really isn't one and this is probably the first of many comeuppances.

  6. She also needs to grow up or maybe have a real person assigned to her as a 'get real' life coach. Then when she thinks something is outrageous they can bring her back to reality.

  7. I have been so tempted to write about her, too, but am actually more interested in her mother, "The Enabler". Happy TT.

  8. Ugggh... I'm so sick of hearing about Paris, but at least you got a bit more creative with your post about her.

  9. Paris needs to be out of the spotlight for a while. She also needs to get rid of her handlers, and to spend some quality time thinking about personal responsibility.

  10. hmmm, interesting! Happy TT!

  11. Oh, Paris...

    Don't understand her...

  12. A small part of me feels sorry for her because she doesn't know how to function as a real person. The rest of me hopes jail fixes her head.

    And I have no idea why she's famous, with the exception of her money.

  13. I feel sorry for that girl...So pretty, such a mess. Creative list.

  14. I think that what Paris needed (and Brittney Spears and Lindsay Lohan) was a Mean Mom!

    If those girls were MY daughters...

    aka The Mean Mom

  15. I thought you were talking about the City Paris ! then I got confused lol ! That Paris is not worth any attention.

  16. I definitely have an opinion about Paris and that idiot she hangs out with but I dont think the language would be appropriate;) Happy TT.

  17. Poor old Paris, lol.

  18. I hope this experience helps Paris, in the long run. She is so young, you know! And to have such a strange life ...

    Happy TT!

  19. LOL! Paris is a celebrity because people keep writing about her! You just fell into it, too! But, it was still a funny read. Thanks for putting it together.

  20. Great TT and absolutely true!

  21. what a cool list


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