Sunday, June 10, 2007

Bugleweed, Gardening and Web Searches

I am feeling slightly guilty that when I look at the statistics for this blog, I am getting hits from on-line searches for bugleweed. I had written a post about it last month and obviously, I am not the only one with a need to know how to get rid of the stuff. So if you came here wanting to know more about bugleweed, the only thing I can tell you is to just rip it out and try to get to the main plant. Don't do what I did, which was to throw the ripped out plants in the woods in front of this garden, because it all "creeped" back up. Right now the bugleweed is winning!
Instead of cleaning out my emails, I should be out in that garden doing some weeding, mmm, maybe later. Not even my husband out solving the world's problems while mowing the lawn is making me feel guilty. It's just that when I get outside, I realize the enormity of owning a house and the time and expense involved in fixing some glaring outside issues that we need to take care of. For example, remember those cute little bushes that were planted 20 years ago around the foundation? Well, they have taken over and need to be removed! See the lack of front walk way? It's a strange New England rural thing, build a house and skimp out on the front walkway, let's have a front door without a way of getting to it. I just don't get it and if we had the big bucks that cement slab would be out of there in a heartbeat with either a wooden porch or granite steps.
But onto the one walkway we do have, this is our "project" this summer. (If you call looking at bricks and paving stuff at Lowes a project!) We have to tear the garden out by this door and work out the drainage while making the walkway larger. This was little porch which we had made into a closet, let's just say, 3 boys + New England weather= a need for a large closet by the door! You know, a mother should be consulted when a house is built, especially when you build a family room with three outside doors and off white carpet, I still shake my head at that one. Now that I have shown you a little slice of our outside life here at J's world, it's time for me to get up and out, eventually, after lunch, or after I get up the energy to put on some bug spray.
In the meantime, don't forget about the limerick contest!
Rules and information can be found at this post, while limerick writing information can be found at this Thursday 13 post. Links to other bloggers who have submitted limericks are to the right of this post.

There once was a gal who lived in the wood
To avoid outside work, she did what she could
Blogging and reading done all inside
Ignoring the yard now green and wild
Thus, she's stuck with a yard that's no good!


  1. You are on a roll with the limericks, sweetie. I'm sorry your bugleweed is winning the battle. It's already too hot here to get outside and do much. The humidity is the pits, and the mosquitoes are enormous! I love the look of your house. It's just the kind of place I imagined for you.

  2. LOVE the limerick! I agree about the front closet! I think that houses with kids should come with one!

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  4. You are making me feel like I should be doing yard work!

    My limerick is up. It's not great- but I have never had a knack for these things!

  5. Oops! For some reason my link came up in the date! Darn blogger! It was right when I previewed it!

    p.s.- I don't drive a Lexus- try a Chevy Impala- but not much rhymes with Texas! :)

  6. Hey, don't feel bad about the searches for bungleweed. I once got a search for "animal sexe filmek" from I swear I have never written about animal sex films in my blog, much less in Hungarian. This person SOMEHOW got my blog on google page 26 (a persistent searcher!) and then I stupidly went and wrote about how funny that was, and then the next day my blog was on google page 1 for a dozen animal sex film related searches. So I'm just hoping some very pleasant biology researchers were reading my blog, and not some perverts.

    If you think this comment might draw these same sort of google searches to your blog, please just delete it!

  7. Well, with slimstat, you click on it, and it takes you to the page they found you, which is numbered at the bottom.


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