Saturday, June 09, 2007

What a Life!

This has a been a great week of blogging, work and family life. It has been fun getting back into the creative part of writing through blogging. Through the TT13 post, I have learned about the Poetry Train blog which I will check out on Monday. Plus, I am still reading through the blogs written for the group writing project last month at I read a few every other day or so and it's an interesting concept to see where people find their inspiration. So if you're looking for inspiration, reading through some of these blogs may lead you in a direction that you might not have thought of for yourself.

The limericks are coming in and there are links to all the limericks on the right. Rock Chick wrote a whole post in limerick form and you know, I think she could write a few tragedies and comedies in that fashion just like Shakespeare! Speaking of comedies, Shelly has a "Blow up My Dress" writing contest going on over at This Eclectic Life for your funniest posts. You know, the ones where you get a comment that tell you people laughed through reading it, the old "laughed till I cried".

Work was productive this week, but with "this time of the month", I am always tired. So at one particular meeting where my supervisor was talking about a new chlamydia (a sexually transmitted disease) test that we needed to bring out to the offices, I was too tired to say much, but caused giggles around the table when the directions for the male test were being read aloud....." Place the shaft in the tube and break the shaft"...... All it took was just raised eyebrows at one other person at the table and we lost it. Who says that you can't act like a pre-teen when you're over 45?

Home- Everyone is getting along. Whoopie, right? Ha! You just try working around one car for two teenagers, one working fulltime and the other still in high school with a part-time job. Kissinger's got nothing on me when it comes to bringing warring countries to peace, bet he would find it tough with two testosterone surging young males with one car. Yea! My middle guy is working at a fast food place and learning about the real world. Work is the best thing for teenagers, shows them how important it is to do well in school, so you don't end up making sandwiches for the rest of your life.

Weight Watchers- Went to a meeting this week and decided that it was time to do it on my own using WW etools. I have already lost over 23 pounds and the whining about being denied at the meetings gets boring. As a lark, I bought the Hostess 100 calorie packs, and it was indeed a lark, check out the "untruth" in advertising, I put the quarter up for size comparison. At the cash register, the cashier and I discussed the size and I was pretty close to the actual size ( or lack of). I would rather have a lindt ball for 2 pts than the three bits of cupcake.

Well, it's a rainy Saturday and I better get out my jewelry stuff and get creative. Uck, a James Bond movie is on tv, like when is one not on? Got two of my guys on the couch saying the lines before they're spoken, yep, we are cultured in this house.
There once was a day so rainy and wet
That Jen just wanted to sit and forget
The laundry to be folded,
The children to be scolded,
That she just beaded with nary a regret.


  1. What a cool posts.Im going to have try that new 100 calorie pack....Sounds like you have had a good week!

  2. Thank you again for the link love, girlfriend. Got some other good link love going, too, I see. Hope you are having fun beading! If you are around on Sunday, e-mail if you want to IM. Of course, you will probably be golfing if the weather is nice.

  3. I am getting back on the ww bandwagon. I have kind of let myself go for the last month and I need to get back on track.


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