Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tuning Out to Music from Around the World

I found this website, Last Fm through a blog that I was checking out on the blogger help mail that I subscribe to. ( hey, you never know how to fix something unless someone else asks first) Good blogging etiquette would require me to acknowledge that blog, but once I found this music site, that blog was long forgotten, may Miss Blog Manners forgive me!

Anyways, here I am sitting at my laptop, with the Red Sox game on the tv, headphones connected to the laptop and I am listening to a Celtic tagged collection of music. You can pick any kind of music to listen to. What I love about this player is that I can skip songs which you can't do on itunes radio. Also, I am listening to bands that I am enjoying that I have never heard of before. You can pick an artist, then the "station" that you listen to will have similar artists. The other night we heard some good "deep cuts" from artists such as REO Speedwagon, Jethro Tull and Elton John, when I put in Supertramp.

Like any other site now being developed on the internet, there are different widgets that you can embed in your blog/myspace/facebook. As if I had the Blog Real Estate to put in the widgets, but it's good advertising for www.lastfm But like anything else you may find on the web, there is a download involved and with a mac computer I am not as worried about downloads than I am with the PC. Usually when I find a new program or have any technical concerns, I do check out CNET.com, an excellent resource for any computer, digital camera or technical purchase/download that you may thinking of.

What did I ever do before the Internet? Oh that's right, I read, knitted, had conversations with my husband and played with my babies.

Getting some fun entries for the limerick contest, check out the links to the right for some of the entries. There are entries coming in from blogs that I haven't been before which is making the contest even more fun to run.

There was a girl born in Mass.
Who never let a good song pass
She'd rock and she'd roll
And sometimes she'd extol
Of finding a web site, first class


  1. nice call on Last FM, it is already in my laptops bookmarks to cover for the lack of itunes on that PC

  2. Sweeeeeet Find! You just know I had to check this out. I've got it playing now at work, which is great as I get bored with the few songs I have managed to upload to my media player.

    Thanks for letting us know.

  3. Loved your observation about life before the internet. I was ruefully considering the same thing as we were huddled around one of the art directors' big monitors, watching a puppet parody of David Hasselhoff trying to eat a burger on You Tube. I mean, it was funny and I laughed, but part of me was guiltily grilling myself: "So it's come to this, has it, Gal? A puppet Hasselhoff?" Maybe I used to do stupid things like this in the past, but the web allows me to do more stupid things faster. Not sure that's progress ...

  4. How cool is this!!! I'm definitely going to check it out!

    I use a Mac, too....LOVE them...I will never go PC again!!



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