Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Passing on Some Junk to You

Tonight I am visiting my parents in Massachusetts and of course brought my laptop. In catching up with my comments, I came across a fun post by Mother Pie, entitled: Ramble: Napoleon's Penis and other Junk(Treasures). The post is about the "stuff" we accumulate which is a common theme in many blogs, including one that I wrote last year. By the way, I am still looking for a place to get rid of all our Beanie Babies.

Mother Pie included a great link to a Martha Stewart site which she got from another site, oh man, are you following all of this? It's all about sharing and thanks to Jill at Business Life, here is the link to Martha's 100 Reasons to get Rid of It. Martha gives ideas and links on where you can get rid of your stuff, most are tax deductible donations and I bookmarked it for future cleaning.

This is a good post for me to write as I sit in my parents' house looking at the history of my life. Even now when I leave, they try to get me to bring something home.


  1. I think all parents do that - its their attempt at 'getting rid of it' without the guilt of throwing it away (that goes with the adult child too)

    I'll have to check out Martha's site; decluttering was one of my big plans for '07...guess I should start pretty soon, huh?!

  2. I loved that link! Thanks for sharing it. Unfortunately, de-cluttering is difficult when the spousal unit has issues trying to do so (lol!).
    I'm sending good wishes for your dad.

  3. I say, take what your Mom wants to send with you. THEN stop at Goodwill on the way home IF you really don't want it. Someone else might find it a treasure.

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have such issues with throwing stuff away! With Memorial Day coming up, I promised myself I was going to do *something* with all the stuff I have accumulated (beyond just tossing into the den and shutting the door). Your timing was completely ideal. Thanks!

  5. You need to have a contest - Who wouldn't want to win other peoples stuff including beanie babies...!

    It is hard to de-clutter! I hate garage sales and I won't even consider having one so I donate anything that I can't use anymore. It goes to someone who needs it and I don't have to haggle over paying 10c for a comic book with some grumpy garage saling maniac.

  6. Oh Tea, what if no one wants to win a beanie baby? LOL.

    There are somethings that I don't mind getting, especially the day to day items that I remember my grandmother making or using.

  7. My kids loved playing with their Beanie Babies, they pretended they could talk and gave them great names. I kind of miss it, they don't play with them anymore. Outgrew it or something.


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