Wednesday, May 23, 2007

#15, Thursday Thirteen Hospital Musings

Spent all day at a hospital as a visitor and since I work at a hospital, I thought I would share my musings about hospitals.Since it was such a long day today, I am off to bed early and will be out reading other Thirteens tomorrow evening.
  1. Handing out a certificate for a free cup of coffee is a very nice gesture for family when the patient is in surgery.
  2. The hand held buzzer thingy is convenient to have also to let us know that the patient is out of surgery and the doctor can talk to us. ( two years ago, my husband and I spaced being back on time to the waiting room and the surgeon found us in the cafeteria)
  3. I do this at my job, but it's so nice when someone stops to help you find your way before you have a chance to ask for help.
  4. A door to the ICU waiting room shouldn't be loud when it closes.
  5. An ideal waiting room in ICU would have a recliner or two, family members are exhausted hanging around.
  6. Never realized it until today, but dressing professionally is important to some patients like my Dad who was not impressed with the sweats over the scrubs on the floor secretary.
  7. I think the average age of the volunteers that I saw today was 80! You go girls! But I did get nervous watching one trying to put a huge flower arrangement on a cart.
  8. I like the day surgery waiting room at our hospital better, more seats and windows.
  9. So nice when nurses come in to the room at shift change to introduce themselves, it helps patients and family to know who is responsible for their care.
  10. Smile and a sense of humor go a long way in helping difficult situation better.
  11. Toddlers in a hospital (well behaved) are fun to while waiting in the lobby, I saw one three year old walk by the operator, smile, and lift up her skirt as she said, "Look, I am wearing a skirt". ( I know, not really hospital related, but we were all smiling)
  12. Hospital cafeteria food is better than it used to be!
  13. You have to be incredibly sick to stay longer than a day! My dad had a Carotid Endarterectomy, will spend the night in ICU and come home tomorrow. 30 years ago, he stayed in 3 days with a hernia operation.

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  1. Oh how I've appreciated those who've been kind to me at the hospital. When you're stressed and worried and sick there's nothing like a little kindness to make you grateful.

  2. I absolutely agree with #5 - The last one I waited around in all day had the most uncomfortable chairs. And #10 is so true.

  3. Hope your Dad will soon be feeling terrific and on his way home.

  4. Happy TT!
    This is a nice list! Hope your dad is better now!

  5. These ring soo true for anyone who has spent any time in the hospital.

  6. Hanging out in a hospital waiting room isn't a lot of fun. Hospital food is still institution food, though at the hopital where my Mom stayed last they had a Starbucks! Best wishes to your Dad.

  7. Our hospital is getting better. My mom had 5 bypass surgery a little over a year ago and I noticed they had a great waiting room with recliners, payphones and machines for snacks, coffee etc.

    We have a Robin's Donuts in the hospital too - for when you get tired of the institutional food, however I've never had a problem when I had to eat it.

    I hope you're dad is feeling better soon!

  8. Hope your Dad has an uneventful and speedy recovery. It is amazing what silly little things you notice at times like that... a missed cobweb behind a door, squeaking shoes...

  9. Sweats over, how professional! Now, talk about professional, that was wonderful that the nurses came to introduce themselves when the shift changed.

    I hope your dad has a speedy recovery and that he'll be feeling like a million bucks real soon!

  10. Hope Dad is feeling better. Your TT is very thoughtful, and your POV (being both an insider and a visitor) is special. I wish there was a way you share it with hospitals everywhere!

  11. Hope your dad has a quick recovery. Get your rest. Spending the day at the hospital is SO draining!

  12. I have an aunt that used to eat at the hospital on a regular basis as if it were a regular restaurant. She didn't even work there! Hope your dad is better soon.

  13. When I was 14 I used to volunteer in a hospital and I have to say, even thouh I wasn't paid, it was definitely one of the best jobs I've ever had!!

    And THANK YOU for mentioning the dressing professionally thing. I know society is getting more casual and I don't even mind the scrubs, but I think it just sets the patients mind at ease if the doctor makes a presentable appearance.

    Really interesting list!!! Thanks for stopping by mine!
    Jessica The Rock Chick

  14. Interesting list! One of the last times I was at the hospital visiting my little cousin was a great source of entertainment (for us and everyone else). She was in this phase where she would carry a cup around and ask us for money. We almost died when she started asking complete strangers...but she did rack in quite the haul!

  15. as a nurse, I appreciate reading these..thanks

  16. volunteers who smooth the edges of stress on the day a loved one is in surgery are indespincible and can never be appreciated enough.

    am so glad your Dad responded so well to his procedure.

    thanx for visiting my TT memorial for my Dad.


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