Monday, May 07, 2007

Got some interesting Blogging friends .....

It was a daunting task, but most of us were able to come up with 10 interesting facts about ourselves. I liked this tag, because it was similar to a TT13, but we were all on the same page. Turned out to be a nice way to learn about some newer blogging friends ( Go over and wish Mo a Happy Birthday, sssh, she's calling it the 17th anniversary of her 23 birthday!) We have had all kinds of injuries, hidden talents and some interesting dislikes. Poor Margaret Johannsen and Diane Sawyer...

My husband and I went to a Kentucky Derby party this past weekend, at an old/new friend's house. Old- I worked with T over 18 years ago, we lost touch and caught up with each other at cross country track meets these past two years. Her oldest is the same age as my youngest. We didn't know anyone at the party except for T and her husband, and ended up having a blast. The house (cottage) is set on a hill in Henniker, NH with an incredible view of the hills to the west. Our first thought seeing it, was, "Must be a great place to watch a thunderstorm".

I wish I could describe the inside, but let's just leave it that T is an artist, there is a picket fence in the house, along with a stone wall and it all fits. I leave houses like that wishing that I had but a smidgen of artistic talent. T is a photographer and we are going to have her do a family portrait this summer, I will keep you all posted.

Weight watchers tonight, gained .2 lb and like I have been saying for the past few weeks, I have got to get serious. ( but after the cheese burger and corona light that I had tonight) Before blogging, we went for a mile walk, maybe that would be a good way to lose weight, exercising before blogging. You know, blogging as a reward, could work. I'll keep you posted.


  1. If I used blogging as a reward for exercising I would be smokin' hawt!

  2. A gain of .2 isn't so bad. You will knock that off & more in no time.


  3. I've been just going nowhere with weight since Oliver hasn't been able to go for walks.

    Those hour long walks were doing amazing things for me - now with him on kennel rest...who knows!

    Yikes, I'm sounding depressed...oh that's right I am ..:(!

    But .2 isn't a huge gain - take heart it will balance with next week's and maybe you'll see your loss again. Weight is always flucuating.

  4. I enjoyed reading the lists. . . thought about it and was glad I wasn't in the group to do that since I don't have even ten interesting things about me. It would be a hard stretch. . . I also don't have 10 blogger friends. Guess I haven't explored enough. Been blogging more than a year but was afraid to check out other blogs of people I didn't know. Now I jsut check out some of your friends that post to you here. hehehehehe I have a couple of them in my favorites! Ü

    Maybe when I get moved and settled in again, I will have time to "spread my wings."

  5. Weight fluctuates a little bit now and then. I hope that was a "bacon" cheeseburger! Taking that walk before blogging is a good idea! Maybe I can start that...lemme see how far is it to the refrigerator?
    I've really gotta do something, though. After driving for twelve hours in two days my feet swell like sausages.
    Sounds like a cool house and a fun party!

  6. Praying for you

  7. .2 pounds?! Did you take your shoes off before you hopped onto the scale?

    I love the idea of blogging as a reward, you just might be on to something.


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