Saturday, May 05, 2007

Chinese Freeze tag- 10 Interesting Facts about me

I was tagged by Tina at Palm Tree Fanatic and I need to tell 10 interesting facts about myself. This can be something shocking or anything that may become a surprise to people! So have fun here goes...

1. I was always one of the two tallest girls in my class through elementary and junior high, I am 5'10" ( maybe lost 1/2 an inch)

2. I really like to play Blackjack and it scares my husband.

3. I am the computer geek in our family and know more about them than any of my boys or husband.

4. I have wicked motion sickness which is unpredictable. Can't play video games and walking with my trifocals can be difficult.

5. I won a trip to New York city when I was in High school through the United Nations Odd Fellows' pilgrimage for youth.

6. My one and only shoplifting experience, I swear to God, was on the day that I made my first confession, I took a bookmark from the Bible Gift store. But then guilt set in and I threw it down a sewer.

7. I won't watch Good morning America b/c Diane Sawyer annoys me.

8. I was in a car accident in college and broke my jaw. Only my top was wired and I didn't lose weight.

9. I can get teary eyed very easily during tv shows, movies and even commercials.

10. I used to play guitar and sing in a folk group in church, now I don't do any of those three things.

Now I have to tag 10 people to share their interesting facts, (optional of course!), Shelly (This Eclectic Life) , Mo ( Inside Mo's Mind), Teamouse (Teatime Ramblings), This Gal ( One Gal's Musings), Twisted Cinderella (Ever After...My Way), Wacky Mommy ( Wacky, Penny (Just Bloggin' Along ), Michelle ( Scrbbit, A Blog about Motherhood in Alaska), Harlekwin (Boho Rhap) and Jen ( Never a Dull Moment). Please leave a comment so we can read about you.


  1. I've always wondered how it would feel to have one's jaw wired shut. It can't be pleasant.

    Thanks for the tag, I'm working on the list and will post it . . . soon I hope. :)

  2. wired jaw and no loss of weight? hmmm that is amazing! Interesting answers! Thanks for playing along...
    Oh and I can also relate to #1 all the way around! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  3. Diane Sawyer irks me too!

  4. Okay, so it was just my top jaw that was wired, I wasn't wired shut. Imagine a door, opening and closing, that would be the break that I had...Two teeth with gum were in a place they shouldn't have been.

    I lived on soft serve ice cream and raviolis for a few weeks. Food had to be soft

  5. Wow, Jen, thanks for the tag, I'll get to it later today.

    I was always the tallest kid in the class, until I hit the sixth grade and one of my classmates was four inches taller. It was nice to no longer have to give a weather report from "up there." You have me beat by an inch.

    I'm also the computer geek in my house...the cat doesn't care. I'm thinking of pursuing my interests further. It completely fascinates me. How unusual for the mom of three boys to be the computer whiz. Way to go, Jen!

    Your list was fun to read! Again, thank you for the tag.

  6. Hi Jen,
    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my site. I like to comment back through email sooooo, will you send me your address please.

    jcope220 at

    If you were to click the pink box where it says send email I think it works as well.

    Anyway, just in case here is my response to your comment.

    SRC is my hubby. I use to call him handy hubby and he didn't like that so I asked what do you want me to call you he said "SRC" so SRC it is.

    I think dad will be able to move to first choice when there is an opening.

    Thanks for your concern.


  7. I didn't know you were so tall? I had no idea you were a guitar player either. You never cease to amaze me! I'm sitting in a log cabin in Boerne, TX trying to type on a tiny computer. It stinks! But, I'll take your challenge, if not tonite later this week. How in the world can I tell you anything I haven't already said???

  8. Jen, I just wanted to let you know, I've responded to your tag!

    I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

  9. Thanks for the tag! I am not tall, but there was a time in school when I towered over all my friends, it made me feel awkard and all I wanted to be was short for the longest time.

    I'll have to think of some things and post soon.

  10. I managed to make my list - pop on by and see how boring I!

  11. OK, I did my list against yours. Are you as surprised to find out I'm short as I was to learn you're tall?

  12. Thanks for the tag! My list is up now! I might be boring as well! I am betting teamouse is not! ;)

  13. I was a little distracted this week with my news, but I will get to this shortly! Thanks for the tag!

  14. Great Great post. Thanks for letting us get to know you..I get teary eyed as well, especially Folgers commercials at Christmas time..I cried the entire 2 hours of the movie Radio..

    Sorry about the lack of weight loss and the accident


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