Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Does standing at a Track Meet count as Exercise?

What an absolutely, gorgeous, stupendous, beautiful day here! I did my civic duty and voted, tomorrow is town meeting. Not sure if we are going, but it's always a fun people watching event. Nothing like an increase in services = increase in taxes to get people riled in NH.

Then I spent the afternoon timing a middle school track meet which didn't get started until 4:45 pm, just finished eating supper at 9 PM. The good news is that my son qualified for states in the 400, he booked around the track. The bad news is that I had a parent approach me about giving her kid the wrong time, I was so close to telling her that it's a volunteer job, come on over and do it for all the races. But I was a good girl and told her that we time lanes, not places and that was the time and her kid still qualified for states. It's middle school, not high school and last time I checked, kids don't get free rides to college based on middle school track. It all evens out and my times were a lot better than some of the other yahoos who were working the race. So I am thinking that all that standing burned some serious calories.....dreamer that I am.

I was psyched to get my mail today, a former student invited me to her graduation party. I had her in ninth and tenth grade, plus she would still stop by and visit me last year. Nice to think that I might have made a difference.


  1. I bet you made a difference to more than one kid, Miss Jen. You are such a good mom to work those track meets. And you are so nice not to tell that other parent off. I know why I like you...

  2. It's great to know that you've inspired someone - you must have been a special teacher!

  3. I think it is wonderful that you do that. and standing does burn a lot of calories.

    YOu must be a very special teacher indeed.

  4. oh yea, standing around does burn calories. Plus that thumb clicking on the watch is exercise.


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