Saturday, May 26, 2007

Missing in Action from Blogging

Where have I been? Compulsively reading, it's a bad habit of mine. I get caught up in a book and nothing else gets done. I may throw a token load of laundry in the washer, but that's about it when I get going on a good book.

On Thursday night, I started Natural Born Charmer by Susan Michelle Phillips. I love her books, and this particular series of romances are about various members of a fictitious Chicago football team. Are the plots ridiculous? Sure they are, but Phillip's writing is fun. Her main characters are witty and sarcastic, along with secondary characters that have their own issues which add to the story. Finished that book last night and started a second book last night.

The second book was by Fern Michaels, The Marriage Game and I finished it an hour ago. (This book was smaller print and took me longer) On a gorgeous May day, I was sitting on my porch reading all morning. Was this book worth it? Umm, not really. The plot was absolutely dumb, I liked the characters and would rate this as a good beach read.

Both books were romances and fun reads. If I had really been thinking ahead, I would have made a tee time to go golfing this morning, but I was so tired this week, that I just wanted to sleep in. So that's what I did today, slept in, read a book, made pasta salad and now it's time to join the real world. What do you call a lazy day?


  1. At least you were reading, kiddo. I've been just trying to keep my head up. I'll probably go to bed by 5:30! Got a cold with fever. Yuk. Hope you have a good rest of the weekend. I've missed talking to you.

  2. I missed you! Now I know where you were. I wish I could find the time to read. . . maybe this summer.

    I am finally getting to the end of my packing up and ready for the big move on Tuesday. . . to the garage and storage --that is. I don't know if my room will be ready before the 1st.I am still hauling stuff to storage.

    I have been trying to get my things in my one bedroom because that is all the room I will have temporarily while I am sharing a house. What a job!

    Now I appreciate having my computer in the living room. I hope I can find room for some books and my stamping and cross stitching stuff.

    I have a question. I thought all those that entered the Inspiration contest were going to get a link to read everyone elses. Where do I find it?


  3. I got to do some of that this morning/afternoon. I got home from getting my hair chopped off and I joined DH and Oliver in the backyard. It was so relaxing to sit outside and read. I am in the 3rd book of Lawanna Blackwell's Gresham Series. I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

  4. That sounds really good to me- Luke(5) crashed at 6pm- think I'll grab my book and head out to the patio! JP for me! (James Patterson)

  5. Welcome back. Hope all is well with your dad.

    I liked hearing how you approached each book. Sometimes when I like a book I read it sloooowly -- like the Lincoln bio, Team of Rivals. I knew when it was done I'd miss old Abe. Now I've moved onto a chick lit tome from an Irish author I really like, Evelyn Keyes. I'll probably gulp this one down pretty fast.

    My lazy day involves the sofa. There's something about stretching out on the sofa that seems lazy and decadent and delicious.

  6. Happy Reading! I am not much of a reader myself, it puts me to sleep! I enjoy a good chick flick...Sounds like a nice relaxing weekend!

  7. I am always looking for new books, thanks!!!

  8. A late morning, a good book, and some yummy food - sounds just about perfect! I've never read Phillips, but she sounds like fun.

    Glad your back!!


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