Monday, April 09, 2007

Three Very Different Books

One my first Thursday Thirteen, another blogger had a list of books that they had read and enjoyed. I copied the best of the list and off I went to the library. A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius was one of the two books. I finally got it through inter library loan last week and I kept looking at it, thinking to myself, I know this author, gee the inside cover sounds familiar. After a weekend of picking it up and putting it down, the light went off in my head. Yep, read this two years ago in paperback, it was a great book and I did enjoy it. Too bad I have a very poor memory for book titles.

So instead, I read this very easy, entertaining book by Luanne Rice, The Perfect Summer. It was a romance and a little mystery, with a characters that I enjoyed reading about. Slightly predictable, but I needed a light read since my last book was Slow Man, by J M Coetzee who is an award winning writer. The book is about a single older man in Australia who loses his leg in a bike accident. The first two chapters were okay, but then it just became painful to read. I didn't like the character and there is another character who just shows up and takes over his life which just made a ponderous book, like death to read. However, my philosophy is that since I am older, I don't have the time or inclination to force myself to read books where I am not learning anything or enjoying a good story. Life is too short to waste on slow reads!
Have you ever gone to read a book that was highly recommended to only find out that you hated it? What was it?


  1. I can't think of a recent book like that. I've had people recommend books by Stephen King that I found too gruesome to read. Who are you going to name as your 5 Thinking Bloggers? I'm looking forward to YOUR recommendations for that! You've led me to some that I enjoy.

  2. I love to read about new books! Thanks a bunch

  3. I read Luanne Rice. She's a nice light read. There's this book everybody said is to die for! Yep, it is...boringly to die for. I can't get through to it. I have tried about 6 times to start it, but it's not "that" good.

    It's a book by Judith Ivory called Untie My Heart and the other was by Laura Kinsale called Flowers From The Storm...and I mustn't forget the book I had two copies and barely finished reading...Rache's Holiday.

  4. I use to force myself to finish a book even if I wasn't enjoying it. I don't do that anymore. I'll give a writer 100 pages or so to get my attention sometimes less.

    Life's to short and to much good stuff to read to waste my time.

    I haven't read a really good book in quite awhile.

  5. Right now I loooooooooooove MaryKay Andrews, Joan Didion, Ariel Gore and Anne Tyler. I am not loving all of the parenting books I'm supposed to be reviewing ;)

    ps thank you for your kind words. Scratch, scratch. Ha ha.


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