Friday, April 27, 2007


...I challenge anyone who claims that their hair is straighter than mine. ...

Thursday was a whirlwind day! I had worked a lot of extra hours last week, so I was able to work less this week. Yesterday I went in at 12 pm of for the pizza lunch put on by our reference lab, after sleeping in late and then taking the neighbor's dog for a long walk. I did allot myself an hour to read more Thursday Thirteens and to try to get back to all those who commented on mine. I thought the Thursday Thirteens were some of the best this week, a lot of reading with a lot of smiles. I did bookmark a couple for links to love and will get to that later on this weekend.

Back to yesterday, since my mind has become ADD and I jump from one thing to the next in thoughts and actions dilemma yesterday was whether to sign up and start the next yoga class, or get my haircut at 4 pm. My hairdresser is a gift, who I can call the same week and she can fit me in whenever, since she has a salon at home. When I finally checked my cell phone on my way into work, there was a message on my cell saying that she could take me. I wish I could say it was a tough decision, but it wasn't. Have you ever gotten to the point where you become consumed with hate for your hair? It happens once a year with me and this past week, the hate was building, my hair was four inches longer than it needed to be. I was putting it up in a pony tail just to get it out of my face, food, and the back of my shirts. It was taking on a life of it's own and needed to go.

I challenge anyone who claims that their hair is straighter than mine. My hair is a joke among my friends, on ladies weekends, they will beg me to curl it, just so they can laugh at how quickly it comes out. I have had it cut, permed, and body waved and it still is straight showing every cut. So there I was, sitting in the chair with my long straight hair telling the hairdresser that I wanted it short. She was itching to do a body wave, but I just didn't see that happening since I always feel like singing "The Sun comes out tomorrow" when I get a perm. I have bangs so that left a few options out including the straight bob which leaves me looking like the Dutch Boy on the paint can.. However, I put my trust in her and she worked her magic leaving me thrilled with a nice soft angled cut about chin length. I love it! But of course I haven't washed it yet and who knows if I can even get it close to what she did to it styling. However, I bought some "product" and am crossing my fingers that I can come close to having it look as nice.

The day ended with the whole family going out to UNH to see my son's Improv group perform. My two younger sons had not seen a performance yet and last night worked out because they are on vacation this week. My #2 son brought his girlfriend and we met up with my oldest son's girlfriend who brought chocolate bars for our family to have at the show. (What a nice girl! Chocolate? Plus she noticed my hair cut?) The show was very funny with skits that you would see on "Whose Line is it Anyway", with it being a little bit more risqué. #1 son has a lot of fun with the group and considering they perform the same time as Grey's Anatomy, they had a good crowd of kids at the show.

There's a not so typical Thursday for me, here it is Friday, have the day off and it's raining. I see laundry in my very near future.......


  1. Don't you just love watching those Improv Games. My son and daughter both did Improv and when my son did it in high school it was a blast to watch their competition. Unfortunatlely they didn't make it through to the national level but he had great fun with it. It's surprising to see him do Improv as he's usually so calm, he barely laughs at movies - seriously!

    Another TGIF here, the sun is out and it's gorgeous. We went home at lunch and spent time with our dog in the back yard!

    Tonight is family taco night and we'll watch Night at the Museum.

    Have a great weekend J!

  2. A haircut! That's one of my favorite things. Sounds like you had a great time...and it sounds like #1 sons girlfriend is delightful!

  3. Hair, hair, hair. It means so much to our self esteem. I just read somewhere (Allure Magazine?) that more than 60% of women have admitted to actually CRYING after a disappointing trip to the salon.

    #1 Son's galpal sounds like a keeper, and that's a great way to start the weekend.


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