Saturday, April 28, 2007

StumbleUpon! A New Way to Explore the Internet

The latest fun internet find from Shelly at This Eclectic Life this week is StumbleUpon, a hard website to explain, but I will try. It's a rating system for internet sites. I have downloaded the tool bar and when bored, I just click on the Stumble buton and I am taken to an Internet page that I may like or dislike, there are categories including one for blogspot. The choices are made based on what I put in for interests which makes it a lot better than the next blog button on blogs. It's a social networking group and you will just have to check it out yourself. Put me as a friend if you like.

The mosiac picture above is from a site that I StumbledUpon last night. At the Image Mosaic Generator, you just download a picture from your files and mosaic is made with images from flickr. I thought it was a cool rendition of the picture below.


  1. I could waste lots of hours with Stumbleupon, and often have. It's addicting.

  2. Cant wait to try it.. just a reminder that the blogging scavenger hunt starts Monday

  3. I've even gotten my husband addicted in the last two days to "stumbling." The only problem with that is I have to share the computer!!

  4. Hurrah! I can finally post a comment. It has been days since I have been able to. I emailed you but apparently you don't check your yahoo email. lol

    I love that mosaic site. You can see/read my reaction on my blog. I posted about my first try and the unusual figure I found in my flower photo!

    Anyway, good to be back and am now posting on my old blog again.


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