Friday, March 16, 2007

Spring in the House with Winter outside

spring bouquet.JPG
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Big brownie points for #1 son's girlfriend! She sent us this lovely bouquet with a nice thank you note. They came home last weekend from college and it was really nice having another female in the house. She offered to help and made a great salad.


  1. How sweet of her! She may be a keeper! LOL!

    BTW, why was shaving your thighs your biggest regret? Inquiring minds (me) want to know! LOL!

  2. She DOES sound like a keeper. Fresh flowers in the house are so wonderful. I wish my cats would allow it! Lovely bouquet.

  3. Lovely flowers, and lovely girl to think of them. Your son sounds like he has a good example to follow to make his choices, so take heart if it's not this one.
    Shaving your thighs??????
    Shelly- I laughed my daughters cat lived with us for a while and when he finished depositing the flowers on my pillow, he started with the socks soaking in a bucket.... LOL!

  4. Robyn, I'm mad at my cats right now, because the school where I worked on Friday gave me a miniature rose bush and ONE of the felines knocked them down from an eye level bookshelf and chewed them to shreds. After reading jen's blog that follows this one, I'm falling out laughing. Cats can look so innocent!


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