Sunday, April 29, 2007

Crafts, Books and Kids

I saw the furry flip flops with directions on The Knitting Fiend blog that I "StumbledUpon" last week. Once I saw them, I immediately thought of my good friend K who is my beach buddy during the summer. So off to Michaels on Friday where the ChaCha yarn was on sale. I haven't crocheted in awhile, but was able to to fake it pretty well with the yarn. I think I will make a few more for the boys' girlfriends and one for myself.

Friday, I also got back to the library for another pile of books. Read another Jennifer Weiner book, Good in Bed which was a good read. What's a good read for me? Good story, interesting characters with a plausible ending. The main character, Cannie is witty, talented, and overweight which her ex-boyfriend writes about in his column for a national magazine. But he goes into more detail then she would like others to see which of course leads to all kinds of problems. I would recommend the book for a fun read.

Yesterday we picked up #1 son from school with a laptop that had liquid spilled on it, water from his Beta tank? Water from a bottle on his desk? Who knows, but we got the phone call early in the morning and told him unplug it and take out the battery. Based on what we have read, there's a 50% chance of it being okay. Obviously the University gets laptops like this at the computer service center since there is a "liquid damage assessment" repair available. So I have not been out and about to blogs because he was using my laptop for schoolwork, lucky for him he did not have any papers already started on his laptop.

Today, #3 son and I went through his room and cleaned it out. Unbelievable, the amount of "stuff" we found behind the furniture! He was so easy to help and we got it all done. So nice to work with a kid who doesn't complain and appreciates the help. With it all cleaned up, he was able to move his bed and rearrange the rest of his room. By the way, does anyone know what to do with a bunch of beanie babies?

Then #2 son comes home for supper at 6 pm after going over to a friend's to play dungeons and dragons. By the end of supper, he drops the news that he got the Neon stuck in the mud on the way to his friend's. He decided to go exploring(by himself) at the end of the road where it turns into a dirt private way and got stuck. Rather than call us, he called three other friends to help him out. Luckily, one of the kid's fathers went with him when he went with a jeep to pull out #2. I called the Dad tonight to thank him and we agreed that kids will do stupid things, he went along with his son, because he knew that his son didn't know how to pull out another car. I think a few boys learned how not to go four wheeling with a non-4 wheeling car. I asked my son why he didn't call us....he thought we would be mad. We wouldn't have been mad, maybe irritated, but I think he was just embarrassed.

But with these mishaps, my husband and I just go with the flow. We have all done stupid things when young and I hope that my kids will at least learn from their mistakes, keep liquid away from laptops, pick up your room more than once a year and don't go four wheeling when driving a Dodge Neon. And how was your weekend?


  1. You have been one busy lady! I think the flip flops are cute. I don't knit but will go look at the directions anyway. Before the photo appeared, I wondered if it was the whole flip flop you were knitting. . . lol

    Did you see my comment on your last post. I finally figured how to get back on my blog again and wrote today after your mosaic experience -- wrote about mine!

  2. This has been a busy weekend! We finally got our room all ready for the new mattress coming. It was quite a project and I'm glad that we started. We moved the position of the bed and now we have a - - - - load more room. Our closet has never had an official door on it so we picked up some nice green panels with silver grommets, a silver rod and voila! It looks fabulous with our blue walls. I picked up a memory board in green and all of a sudden I like my room!

    Is that pic on your post of flip flps that you've finished? If so, how cozy are they? I really should make a pair, thanks so much for emailing me that link.

    I'm off for tomorrow for the Bloggy Silence, see you on Tuesday.

  3. Well, lo and behold! The knitting blog has crochet directions for the flip flops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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