Sunday, April 15, 2007

Post Secret, Sad, True?

Have we always had these secrets? Are more people living on the edge of what is okay and what hurts us? 10% of the secrets are humorous, but most are scary and sad.

Have you seen Post Secret? Are we feeding into teenage normal angst? Causing the trivial to become monstrous in their lives?

I worked for five years in high school and it amazes me how many kids were on anti-depressants. As Jon Tillman said in his blog, there is a big difference between wants and needs. What does this say about us if our teenagers are feel that they are pressured? That they are depressed, posting secrets on a web site and making connections through the internet on Myspace, Live Journal and Face book?


  1. It truly is a sad website to read.

  2. Just last night my daughter was talking about going shopping with her 3 yo daughter and we were talking about the learning experience it contains that people often overlook. For while 3yo might want the chocolate biscuits with the sprinkles on them she doesn't need them like she does say milk, or bread for a sandwich - besides baking biscuits is a lot more fun. The parental guidance and teaching the difference between want and need and discipline to say no can start younger than you think.

  3. Unbelievable! You always hope your kids can tell you everything - but are you prepared to hear it all?

  4. This site goes from funny to heartbreaking so fast it almost gave me whiplash. From intentionally getting in the way when tourists are taking pictures to judging me by my grocery cart to … drug abuse and date rape. I wonder how the moderators decide what to include? Do you suppose they have a 60% funny/40% sad ratio or something they adhere to?

  5. Hey girl, I read this post this morning and got distracted...that's happening more and more. There was an article in AARP about the fact that the more we get (as in stuff) the less "happy" we are. It talked about depression among our teens. I'll have to pull it out again and see if it's linked on their website. I do think it is easy for kids (and adults) to fall into the cyberworld and detach from real life.


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