Sunday, April 15, 2007

#4 Link Love

Shelly over at This Eclectic Life began a little Link Love for Thursday Thirteen participants who spend a little bit more time on blogs visited during Thursday Thirteen. I usually read more than just the lists to see if it's a blog that I may go back and read for other posts beyond the 13. I realize now that I will never have enough time to read all these blogs every day. Having the blogs listed on my blog does give me a quick and easy reference to link back to these blogs. Link Love provides me the opportunity to highlight the Thursday Thirteeners
that caught my eye for the week. If you like this idea and want to participate, GO FOR IT, the world needs more love. Read more about Link Love, at This Eclectic
  • Title Deleted for Security Reasons : Once again, the title of the blog intrigued me. Laughing Muse has one of the most original blogs going with a sci-fi theme. This week there were 13 headers available for Thursday Thirteen that she designed herself. She is also trying to win "Help me Blog for a Year" and if you check out her site, throw a vote her way. She has cats and knows her way around the web design since she has been operating a web site since 1995.

  • The Screaming Pages: (title is catchy...) A Canadian blogger who is an Instructional Designer, don't know what that is? I didn't either and after her 13 list of jobs that she wanted when she was growing up, she wrote a post about Instructional design. She's a very good writer with a very cool template.

  • Vader's Mom: Vader is a beautiful black lab and his Mom loves to blog. She writes about all kinds of subjects. I have to say though, that her Thursday Thirteen from two weeks ago is one of the most memorable that I have read. The list was about all the food available at the Texas State Fair, to this Weight Watcher blogger from the Northeast, the list was just mind boggling to me. ( I can't link directly to the list, but it is her #6 TT and it was the first week in April)

  • Snarkypants: No list this past week, but two weeks ago, she wrote about, 13 things I like and don't like about blogging. Reading further into her blog, she and I share a lot of common interests, politics, music and books. Love her byline: A clean house is the sign of a broken computer and of course, we all know what snarky means.....

  • TinaLina time: A middle school teacher from Florida who is able to write about her school day in a lighthearted what the heck were they thinking style instead of whining about her job. It's refreshing! Her thirteen list this week was about songs that make you smile which was fun to read. The latest post, Snooty Middle School girls was about her conversations with two rebel young ladies in her class, been there, done that, but she handled it well. Oh, and she enjoys stuff on cats, so it's a blog that I like to visit.
There's my LINK LOVE list for the week of April 9th, enjoy!


  1. Thank you SO MUCH for the really nice comments on Snarkypants! I think the idea (Link Love) is a great one and I plan to do it in the near future.

    Thank you for making my day, Jen!

  2. Thanks so much for the link and sweet comments. The timing is beautiful too - I now have a functioning keyboard again and can easily leave comments on others' blogs ;)

  3. Wow! I can't stop smiling! Thank you so much; I really appreciate the thoughtful review of my blog. Wow, I can't wait for my husband to get home so I can show him! I hope you enjoy your week.

  4. Well, girlfriend, your blog is looking good. And, you used the new pic, too. Isn't that fun? I'm sunburned and sore from being on pavement all day. Tomorrow, I'll write you a note to tell you about the new design. I'll also go visit all your suggestions. I've seen a couple of them. We have to learn about RSS feed!

  5. I PROMISE I'M NOT JUST SAYING THIS - First of all, thanks so much for the shout-out. But, I've been bookmarking my T13 reads for Blog Love and haven't had a chance to write a post and your blog was in my list to review. I love stopping by here, even if I just lurk sometimes :)


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