Monday, April 16, 2007

33 dead in Va. Tech tragedy - For 33 families, heartache

Update: 33 dead in Va. Tech tragedy - State & National

It's a Monday morning, you get up, take a shower and get two of your children up and off to school. It may take some arguing and threatening, but it's all part of the morning routine. Your spouse heads out and you get your stuff ready for work. As you take out the low fat yogurt for your healthy heart breakfast, you smile as you look at the pictures of your three kids when they were younger. Two kids got up and left this morning from home, but one is in college spending his first year learning and developing independence. As much as you want them all home, safe and sound, you know that going off to college is just another step in becoming an adult.

My heart goes out out to those families who today became victims of one person's actions at Virginia Tech. Tomorrow morning and for the days after, they won't have this morning back, when everything was the way it should be, normal. Tomorrow, we will be bombarded with visions of this horrific event. I hear of this today and think of my post yesterday where I questioned Post Secret and the increase in depressed young people.

How did we get to this? Where a normal day becomes a day of violence for multiple families. Who gave these tortured souls the guns, the desire to kill? Is it the media and the movies where everything is bang, bang, oh look only a few have died? Or is it news anchors who make killers celebrities or magazines with front page covers? So many questions, nobody with clear answers. I will say this though, we need to make more human connections to all we live with, make it real. Hug your children tonight if they are home, and call them if they are living away. Always, always share your love.


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  2. I haven't even seen the news, because I don't watch television. Oh, gosh. I think you are on target when you mention the media and the magazines. The computer games that encourage violence, the television shows that make bloodshed seem so commonplace. Very poignant post, my friend. Thank you.

  3. If you post on Tnet , I can email you my screen name thru them. You would have to put yours so it is highlighted at top but not seen by anyone. I would then click ont hat and send you a mesage. I will look for that in case you do it that way.

  4. Senseless, tragic...what more can be said.

    You are so right though. People get up in the morning going through their normal routines, stop for a coffee on the way to school etc. no one expects this in their day.

    The more independence children get the more at risk they are for danger. On the radio here today they are asking people to phone in and tell the announcers how safe they feel their kids are in school.

    My daughter is in elementary school and for her I feel she is safe but my son in high school makes me feel more nervous and university/college even more so.

    Indeed hug your kids, tell them you love them everyday - we can't always keep them safe but we can alwys make sure they know we love them.

    I will keep all of these people in my prayers.


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