Saturday, April 14, 2007

When a High School Track Meet gets Cancelled, What is the Alternative?

The house has already been cleaned, a track meet gets canceled due to snow on the ground, laundry is done and I could've spent the afternoon playing the computer. However, we decided to go have fun.

Today we did something that we don't do enough of, we went to a movie. Now you have to understand, I grew up watching Wide World of Sports which always had figure skating. I even took some figure skating classes when younger and then as an easy elective in college. I can do back crossovers pretty darn well, if I do say so myself and some spinning.

I loved figure skating and my husband hates it, with a passion.The movie trailer for Blades of Glory made me cringe, but we just had to see it. I am not the biggest Will Ferrell fan going, he basically plays the same dumb character, yet in this movie, he is perfect in the role. This movie had me laughing so hard during their first pairs competition. Is it over the top? Of course! Is it worth the price of admission? Definitely worth a matinée ticket to make you laugh.


  1. You've been busy on your template. Looking good and all the fun things you've added.
    Thanks for the tip on the movie. It's been ages since I went to a movie.

  2. . I'm a big Will Ferrell fan; he cracks me up! So, I'm a glad you enjoyed the movie, I need to wait until it comes to our dollar theater. :)

  3. Will Ferrell isn't always my favorite, but he can be funny. I'm amazed more and more with the little snippets I learn about you. I always wanted to ice skate, but never wasn't one of the most popular sports in Texas. But, I want you to post about kayaking some day. And, tell us if you are knitting something! I'm glad you had a day out with your family. And, I hope it quits snowing soon!!!

  4. I do like Will Ferrell but I was nervous about this movie for some reason - it sounds like it may be a good renter.


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