Tuesday, April 17, 2007

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Tuesday, it's only Tuesday? It feels like a Thursday! So many thoughts about the tragedy in Virginia.
The biggest question for me, is that with all the requirements of college applications, how does a loner without friends who has a disturbed style of writing get into college? I have worked with high school students who are emotionally disturbed and can't imagine how one could write a recommendation. Did you see that he never talked to his roommates? People who knew him will forever ask themselves, what could I have done. Is it possible to help those who can't/don't want to help themselves?

The guns, I can't even begin to get into how I feel that there is something wrong where anyone can get a hand gun. I am not anti-gun and respect the use of guns by hunters. But when was the last time that a hand gun was used by a hunter? At least with a rifle, others would have seen it, since it would be kind of hard to hide.

How sad that universities and police departments are now working on contingency plans in Boston based on one disturbed, sick individual.

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  1. You are absolutely right. If this student didn't have a gun he couldn't have done such a massacre. With a knife he would have killed only one person and not 32 ! We in Europe can't understand why a civilized country has such absurd laws ! Here it's very difficult to get a weapon. Only hunters (as you said) can get one, but they have to fill out tons of papers and have to prove that they are good citizens. Sometimes jewelery shops can ask for one too. But still it's very difficult. Only policemen are allowed to carry a gun. I am sure that more than half of all crimes could be avoided when weapons were not so easy to buy like just a mobile. I think the "wild west" is long gone !


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