Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wednesday Wahoo

Today was "Day In the Life- March 2007, check out some cool pictures from around the world over at Flickr. Mine show the snow that we still have and of course I have the obligatory picture of a cat in my set.

Not the most productive day at work with our email server bogged down and still being a little bit tired. I started a book last night at 10:30 pm, silly me, the lights went out at 1 am. This is what I am reading and will finish this evening! Little Earthquakes by Jennifer Weiner, it's enjoyable and includes a mother in law character who would send me packing. It's a story about 4 very different young womens' experiences with their first childbirth.

Today I had a very non-WW lunch, I just couldn't find a whoopie pie on the core food list. It was a small one and thought that my cabbage soup would not be a good thing to have during a lunch time presentation on Crystals in Joint fluid. I got to learn a lot about Gout and Psuedogout today. The one very interesting fact was that only humans get Gout. But back to the food, although food and gout do go together in a way and wine drinkers are less likely to get gout versus beer drinkers, but I am really get off track here...Food, now I know why you eat good lunches, so you don't come home after eating only carrots sticks and a whoopie pie to eating Sea salt and cracked pepper potato chips. I have never craved salt as I do now while doing weight watchers, but you have got to check out these potato chips, I love them- Cape Cod chips and will even eat the Target Store Brand same flavor.
My wahoo part of the day would be my son's grade on his last Spanish paper, an 88 and knowing that I only have one more day of work!


  1. Hey Girl, How can you work after you didn't get any sleep? I haven't gone to your Flickr photos yet. My husband is making moan about wanting the computer...I told him to go use his kid's computer! But, I need to be nice to him. Why did you have to mention potato chips??? I've been trying so hard to be good.
    Do you just work through Thursday? I worked with css today and made a drop down link list for my daily reads. It's not exactly what I want, but I'll get there. Now, I want to organize my posts & put them together. I don't like the Archive feature on Blogger. Catch you later. Have a good evening!

  2. I'm enjoying your blog --thanks for sharing your site with me. Doctor today suggested I give up drinking my Pepsi. . . sigh I could stop eating everything IF I could just have Pepsi. . .

    Have you peeked at my blog lately? I have changed the template and added a bit but it is photo intensive presently and it takes a couple minutes to all load. . . so when you do go, allow it to load while doing something else and come back in a couple minutes. lol


  3. Just popped over from Amy's. I'm very much enjoying your blog!
    Little Earthquakes sounds great...just what I needed, another book to add to my "someday" list. I read Goodnight Nobody by her and really enjoyed it, even though it's not my typical type read. But expanding one's horizons is a good thing, right?
    Have a wonderful weekend!


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