Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tuesday Trance

All this time spent playing with my blog led to dry, red eyes and a feeling of lost time. It was really hard to wake up this morning. I was at an intersection heading to work after bringing Bub back to school after his dental appointment when I was struck by the feeling that I really wanted to take a left, drive the two miles up the road and go back to bed, rather than drive across and go to work. Reality woke me up quick and off I went to work. Last week was a "hurry up" week and this week is a wait week. I spent about an hour looking up other lab's acceptance and rejection policies for specimen labeling, any nurses out there reading this, please let me know about your lab! Then I spent time deciphering a lab order missed and realized that communication can never be assumed!

I have to retake a picture for the brochure at work and I just realized that bringing my camera with me to work will fit in great with Flickr: a day in the life of..., it is a fun thing to participate in and the pictures from around the world are so neat to see. Just think about what you do each day and what you see, versus someone in another country. The images are fun to go through and check out, so if you are looking for someplace to click to tomorrow, go to the A Day in the Life over at Flikr. If you are reading this on Tuesday, then you can still join and participate.

WW Notes: Thawed some of the yummy vegie soup for lunch today and after lunch sat at my desk and talked myself out of a fiber one bar just b/c I thought I needed something sweet after lunch. I wasn't hungry, but have gotten in the habit of the something sweet after a meal. To make better use of the 2 points, I waited till 4 to have it and you know what? I didn't pass out due to hunger.....mmmm, might be something to keep in mind for the future.


  1. Hey, kid! I forget about people having to go out in the "real world" to work. As hard as you have been working on your blog, I know why you are bleary eyed. It's been worth it though. I'd check out the Flickr site, but I'm pretty exhausted myself. Couldn't bring myself to sit in front of the computer, so I spent the day in the yard with the weeds. It'll never get finished! And FIRE ANTS! Eek! They are everywhere.
    Sounds like you are working hard with the Weight Watchers. Good for you. Keep after it. I am trying just on my own, and it sure is hard after the metabolism slows down with menopause! Take care!

  2. Hi Jenny,
    Thanks for stopping by Life in Westcliffe.All photos are mine, thanks for the compliment.
    I can tell we both visit Annie at blogU.
    Some things I like about Vista, but don't hurry out to buy it. Need to start making a list of the good things.
    I will bookmark you and check in, looks like we might have a lot in common.


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