Wednesday, March 21, 2007

#6 Thursday Thirteen Blog Wishes

Thirteen Blogging Wishes
I have enjoyed the Thursday Thirteens, but my travels to different blogs has created an envy or maybe better said, "a wish to learn more"

  1. It all started with Shelly at This Eclectic Life with her Blog Tip Contest, she would like tips to increase traffic and we got to writing to each other about changes in our blogs.
  2. A wish to change my blog - With Annie's help from Blogu, I worked out a 3 column template using the blogger Minima template and guidelines from her blog.
  3. Wish to personalize my header - With Bizwhiz's help from Tips for New Bloggers Blog - I enlarged my picture to fit.
  4. Wish to learn more CSS information and play with it on Dreamweaver. I did find this cheat sheet which I have saved from ILoveJackDaniels blog. ( now isn't that quite the name for a blog?)
  5. Wish to learn HTML- just printed the cheat sheet from ILoveJackDaniels, so I can learn how to center pictures in my sidebars.
  6. Wish to find the code for the scrolling box to have the TT13 blogroll fit into that so it scrolls rather than take a whole length of a page.
  7. Wish to get ZoomClouds to work, I am registered, but keep getting error messages and no response from support, Adventures in Juggling has a very nice zoom cloud for tags, just the right size!
  8. Wish to get a book list going on a side bar like Di's Book Blog has, it is very slick looking, speaking of sidebars, I think I might experiment on colors this week.
  9. Wish to even just list a currently reading book on the sidebar, seen at More Than a Song.
  10. Wish to have those tab things at the top of the blog like Scribbit's which are free, but I have to figure out how to put them in the template.
  11. I wish to make ooodles of money on the adsense and amazon links.........LOL
  12. I wish to continue finding blogs that have fun little games or contests like Blog my Blog which was going on at An Island Life or Amy's Question of the day, fun and thought provoking.
  13. I wish for more time in the day!! Happy Thursday 13!
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  1. Hey i think you read my mind!
    I really want to know about the scroll box thing and have tabs like scribbits blog too.
    Need to get a zoom cloud sorted also.
    Well actually everything on the list.
    I will be popping back to see if you get the answers.
    Great TT (especially if some grants your wishes)
    Thanks for visiting.
    Toodle Pip.

  2. Those were my blogging wishes too! I've fulfilled most of them, though. Good luck on your wishes. Great T13 :-)

  3. The scrollbox thing is done using CSS. Just add the following code around your blogroll code:

    [div style="height: 150px; overflow: auto"]
    blogroll code

    Just change the [] to the HTML angled brackets.

  4. Great list, I can't wait to see how you "trick out" your blog!

  5. Great list. I look forward to seeing the changes. If you need any help, do join

  6. Thanks for the mention, I sure hope it works for you. Lots to learn out there, huh?

    I keep discovering things all the time I want to figure out.

  7. What a wonderful list, girlfriend. And, I loved that you linked to so many people. I love that laughing muse is telling blogtips! Why didn't she enter the contest? Must be because my prizes stink! Talk to you later today, I hope.

  8. Fun Thursday 13! I haven't done this meme in quite a while and see it's back.
    Thanks for stopping by....Amy's blog contest/questions has been fun!

  9. I want to do those things as well. What a great list! One day, we will figure it out

  10. Great list! I am always looking for ways to make my blog site look better and I'm not great with HTML although I am learning. I will definitely check out a few of these sites that you have listed. Thanks for sharing such great info!

  11. Shelly told me what the two of your were doing... I'll have to sit down and go through it too. Great blog

  12. Hope you're able to get your blog set up exactly how you want it!

    And I'm also wishing there were more hours in the day. Happy TT!

  13. I love your wishes, I think I have pretty much all of them as well.

    Your blog is looking great!

    I found you from Amy's Random Thoughts - stop by and say hello.

  14. I too want to learn how to experiment with my blog. Just stopping by for a pleasant visit via Amy's Random Thoughts!

  15. Great list! One day I hope to change things on my blog too.

    This season of my life, I'm busy being a blessed wife and a homeschooling mom. I'm sure I'll have more time as my children get older.

    Looking forward to seeing all your wishes come true...

    Hope you have a blessed Thursday!

  16. Anonymous4:40 PM

    When you figure all this stuff out, SHARE!!!!

  17. I have been thinking of switching my blog to a three-column template as well.

    Wouldn't it be great to have more time in the day!

    Happy TTing!

  18. hope all your wishes come true! happy TT!

  19. I hear ya. I can figure out little in the way of any of this and I just can't really put the time into figuring it out or money into having someone else do it for me. Oh well, I'll just have to dream!

    May all your wishes come true!

  20. I did the scrolly thing!

  21. I would love to get a new template. A new name would be good too but I just haven't thought of anything yet.

  22. Exactly a year ago I didn't even know what a Blog is and just started to use Internet. Two days ago I changed all my templates, completely alone without anybodys help, just by looking on other blogs and finding the right addresses. I think I can be proud.

  23. Really, I think it was meant to be. A random click, you found me, I toddle on over here and *find all the cool info I've been dying to find!* I'll trick out my blog if you trick out yours! LOL

  24. Honestly, I drive myself crazy sometimes finding cool new stuff for my blog and then warring with it for days until it acts like it's supposed to (it usually doesn't). Great way to procrastinate with my writing. LOL

    This was great, Jen. Thanks for stopping by to visit my first TT!

  25. I too am wishing for more hours in the day. As soon as I figure it out I'll share the secret with you ;)

  26. Yea Musings and Claire- thanks for the help, I've got a scroller going! Thank you.

  27. Anonymous11:25 PM

    This is a great list! So useful. I will be back later when I have more time to look at all the links. I have wanted "tabby-things" at the top of my blog too, didn't know they were even available! Thanks for the informative list and for stopping by my TT.

  28. I LOVE your list!! My blog is in serious need of an overhaul. And I REALLY like the 3 column idea. Thanks for sharing!

  29. Good luck with the changes. I can help you with the scrolling blogroll if you wish. drop me an email. It is a CSS thing and require a template modification but then you can use it for all you blogrolls. And thanks for stopping by my Thursday Thirteen #34 The 13 Things You Wish You Could Say At Work Edition.

  30. Hello Blog of the Day via Amy's! I love this list and hope you get some answers soon!

    I'll be back to check you out some more. I only mean that in a good way!


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