Sunday, March 04, 2007

Vacation Over, Back to Reality

Well another vacation over and we are back home in one piece. One unhappy kid with vacation, but that's to be expected when he's 16, has a girlfriend and we are the stupidest parents in the world. How dare we take him from his computer and bed for a week? The view from our condo at Sunday River.

Great article in the Sunday Globe today by Eileen McNamara about Moms and skiing called Hanging up the Ski Poles. I can identify with most of it, but at least I am in the intermediate lessons and I got to veg out in front of a fire in a quiet condo. If I had just gotten in the exercising earlier in the month instead of being sick or taking care of a sick kid, then I think I could have skied longer each day. Having lost 20 pounds since last year certainly helped me as far as my knees not hurting and being able to come off the chair lifts easier.

Weight wise, I did great for a week of not keeping a food journal. It looks like I made some great choices food wise. This is what helped me stay on track:
  • Brought a case of water and 1/2 case of Light Coronas- drank more water
  • Fiber one bars (2 pts) instead of granola bars
  • 100 calorie cookie packs ( 2 pts)
  • Cut up fruit or carrot sticks with lunch
  • Bagged salad to throw in with sandwiches
  • Hostess coffee cakes tasted dry and gross- so only had one pack
  • Got in plenty of exercise b/n my mornings of alpine skiing and my one morning of cross country skiing.
Can you tell I am feeling good about the Weight Watcher's program? I have now stopped whining about the time it has taken me to lose the weight, which has averaged out to 1.1 lbs/week. It is all a loss!

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