Thursday, March 01, 2007

#3 Thursday Thirteen - Vacation

Thirteen Things about Skiing Vacations that we enjoy!

  1. Away from the routine
  2. Once we are here on the mountain, we are here to stay.
  3. It's now okay to not have to ski
  4. When the weather is cold, but not too cold
  5. When the conditions are packed powder, not too hard and soft.
  6. I have a great brother who lets us stay in his slopeside condo.
  7. The sun on our faces, the wind at our backs and lovely groomed slope in front of us.
  8. Friends staying at the same mountain, smiling faces everywhere.
  9. After a day of skiing, you eat guilt free, b/c you're eating due to hunger.
  10. Being able to stay in and read a book or two while your family is enjoying themselves outside.
  11. Having the ability to get here a day late and to leave a day late without worrying about reservations.
  12. Skiing trails that you would never have done a few years ago and doing it well!
  13. The best part of skiing????? Taking off your boots at the end of the day!

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  1. I wish I loved to ski since I grew up right near a mountain, but sadly....not so much!

    Have a great time on the slopes!

    Come visit my's lonely!

  2. I've skied once in my life, and it was fun, until the next day when my legs hurt so bad.

    I'd go back and do it again, in a heartbeat.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, hope you come back again.

  3. I haven't been skiing in years! When you have perfect conditions (like sun and fresh powder), skiing is awesome!

    Happy TT and thanks for stopping by mine!

  4. I skied for the first and only time on my 13th birthday. I LOVED it, but later decided it was too dangerous and never did it again! :)

  5. i haven't skiied in a long time, but #10 sounds heavenly!

    happy thursday! thanks for stopping by!

  6. I've never skied in my life, but I'd like to try one day... ;-)
    Thanks for visiting my kitties TT. And yes, they meow for each other if they haven't seen the other for a while. Cute, huh?


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