Monday, March 19, 2007

Monday Muddle

Thanks to all who have been helping me change my template, Annie over at BlogU is awesome and has a great how to site. Biz Whiz from Tips for New bloggers mentioned that I could expand my header and with all the playing around I did this weekend, I was able to expand it.

The picture at the right is of the same location in my header picture but at high tide. It's what I call my little piece of heaven, it's located up in Nova Scotia where my family has been going for over 30 years, my grandmother grew up in the house beyond us. We brought our kayaks up this past summer and it was the best time. Notice the lack of other boats out there! Even the two younger boys took them out to go around the island.

Muddle for today because that's how I felt. I had to make changes to a brochure that I had made in publisher, that once public affairs saw, wanted to make it consistent with the rest of the organization. It did come out well, but we played with some of the sentences. My job is a lot of this and that with the Lab and our outside clients so on Mondays after having Friday off, it's catch up time. Good news is that I am picking up an extra shift in Blood Bank. And do you want to know why I have to pick up some shifts? It's called paying for medical insurance, since it is taking a huge chunk of change out of our take home pay. (Another rant for another day)

Weigh in tonight for Weight Watchers, thinking it will be a good one. I will have to talk to the leader about the Core program. The meetings are still incredibly busy, when are these people going to fall of the wagon? ( Ya, I know, it's mean of me) But sometimes I do like to think that it's all about me!

That's an interesting case that the Supreme Court got today. In my opinion, I think the principal went too far, it was not on school property and there was already history between the student and the administration. I think he got pulled into a power struggle and could have just gone up to the boy and told him that it was inappropriate. The public will be split on this one.
That's my muddled musing for a Monday!


  1. Hi girl,
    I got a note from Michelle at Scribbit telling me those Navbars are free! You have to understand CSS, though. I'm liking your site. I made some changes, too. I don't have the cool pics you do, but I'm hoping it's coming out OK.
    You did have a muddled Monday. Sorry about having to pay for insurance. I worked for myself and didn't have any. My husband convinced me to marry him by saying, "Marry me honey and you'll have insurance!" Romantic, eh?

  2. I love your header! I so want to make one for my blog. . . but I read at the site you indicated that helped you and it is all Greek to me even tho I have made websites. I don't have Dreamweaver. . . and I am scared to try making a header and mess up the way I have it now. We will see.


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